Too Busy for Fitness? We’re Here for You!

If you’re a fellow parent of school-age kids, we hope you’re holding up under the craziness of back-to-school time!

We know this is probably a busy season for you, which is why we wanted to share a brief announcement to tell you about something special we’re doing for the Fit Marriage community this week.

Join Us for a Free Live Webinar!

To help you out during hectic time of the year, we’re hosting a live online event this Thursday evening at 9:00 p.m. CST.  You can get the details and reserve your seat right here:

Click here to get the details & sign up for Thursday’s webinar

Please sign up soon, as our webinar service limits our attendance, and we are also inviting a large group of folks from Gina Parris’ community and our friends from Engaged Marriage and ONE Extraordinary Marriage.

The last time we offered similar information, the response was fantastic. That time it was only open to Moms, but this time around we are inviting all of you busy Men, Women and Couples.

Here’s a sample of what we heard back from attendees last time:

“I’ve been paying a personal trainer for over 6 months, and I got more out of this free presentation with these two fellas than I have from him. They actually understand what it’s like to be managing a family and a career, and they give real advice that made the light bulbs go off for me on how I can be busy AND healthy while putting my husband and kids first. Love it!” -Alison M.

“Wow! I signed up expecting to see a presentation on exercise, but you guys taught me SO much about time management, nutrition and even how to be a better (and happier) wife and Mom. Thanks so much for sharing this!” -Kelly L.

Anyway, this is a free service we’re offering to our communities of busy married couples to help you get “back in shape” as the kids get “back to school.”

Trust us when we tell you this will have a powerfully positive impact on your marriage. We hope to speak with you this Thursday evening!

Click here to get the details & sign up for Thursday’s webinar

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