Fitness Gift Ideas for Your Other Half This Christmas

Fitness Christmas Gifts for CouplesFed up exercising on your own?

It’s true that it’s much easier to maintain motivation and enthusiasm for exercise if it is taken with a group or another person. Hence the popularity of team games: good healthy exercise with social intercourse thrown in.

Those that do exercise alone often use distraction techniques – such as when solo joggers use their iPods to alleviate the boredom. If you’re not the team-games type but you have a partner who is unwilling to exercise with you, why not try some encouragement this Christmas?

This is an ideal opportunity to encourage your spouse to join you on a run or at the gym by buying an inspiring Christmas gift.

How about a pair of expensive running shoes or new clothes to wear at the gym, some exercise equipment to be used at home or your own at-home fitness program? There are plenty of options available to spark an interest in your partner so that you can enjoy exercising together.

  • Exercise at home

You might ask why you should buy fitness equipment when it’s just as easy to attend a gym together on a regular basis, but the truth is that gym fees are expensive, and they don’t necessarily offer a better deal for a joint membership.

It can be far less burdensome on your bank balance to invest in quality fitness equipment or an at-home program that will be used regularly by both of you.

  • Fitness gifts for men

Weights make a great gift for men, helping to strengthen their muscles and tone their body. Weights can take up a great deal of space, however, which may not be ideal for a smaller home, but there are some dumbbells on the market that have taken this problem on.

Dumbbells are available that contain a set of different weights in one handy unit. All that is needed is a turn of a dial to adjust the weight.

If your other half already has a set of weights but wants to work on his upper body, help him to achieve perfect pushups with a pair of pushup handles. These enable the user to engage in a smooth arm rotation; making it easier on the hands and working more muscles than are averagely used in a normal pushup.

As a bonus, they will not take up much room either.

  • Fitness gifts for women

Make fitness fashion-conscious with some trendy workout gear. Include tops in a material that allows the skin to breathe and not overheat, as well as items that can actually have medical as well as fitness benefits, such as running socks.

These can enhance muscle performance, improve circulation in the legs and, if the person wearing them has had an injury, help to cut down recovery time. Search online for ‘running socks women’ for more information.

Another gift that many women (and men) will enjoy receiving is a fitness tracker. Worn like a wristwatch, a fitness tracker calculates the number of laps a runner has completed, the distance traveled, how slow or fast they have moved, and perhaps most importantly, the number of calories that have been burned.

Such a device can let you know just how much benefit you are getting from your fitness regime, whether you are pushing yourself too hard or not hard enough.

  • Fitness gifts for both of you

A gift that can be bought for your other half, but from which you can both benefit, is the Wii Fit console. A fun and interactive device, you can continue your fitness workouts by indulging in skiing, stretching with yoga practices or playing tennis with a superstar.

Christmas offers a wonderful opportunity for you to buy your spouse or partner a fitness gift that will not only be useful, but also welcome, as an incentive to carry on with the good work of keeping fit and healthy.

Whether you exercise at home or at an expensive health club, the experience will be more fulfilling if your partner enjoys keeping fit with you.

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