Exercises for Couples

The best way to stay fit and healthy is by having a fitness regime – proper diet, enough rest, and regular exercise.

Sticking with a routine that suits your daily or weekly schedule is good. But it is more fun and much more enjoyable if you exercise with your partner. You get to spend quality time together while doing exercises for couples.

Getting started

You and your partner may not be at the same fitness level and you may have different fitness goals, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t train and exercise together.  Here are some tips to get both of you started:

  • Enroll in a class that offers exercises for couples. A salsa dancing class is a good choice but if either one of you is not into dancing then you can consider other options such as yoga, adult swimming lessons, indoor climbing, 5k training, etc.
  • Do cardio exercises that cater to different fitness levels. Group classes such as indoor cycling or spinning allow every participant to perform the workout according to their fitness level – easy, moderate, or intense.
  • Do gym cardio side by side with each other. Go to your favorite gym and pick two workout machines placed next to each other. You can work close together while working separately into reaching your goals, at your own pace.
  • Do stretching together. Aside from giving you a chance to exercise together, assisted stretching can also benefit you and your partner fitness-wise. Giving your partner a soft push or a gentle tug during stretching can help improve his/her flexibility.
  • Do variations. Accommodate your partners exercise routine.  You can compromise by doing his/her routine the first day, and yours the following day.

Exercise routines for couples

All of the best exercises for couples take into consideration the individual needs, goals, and comfort levels of you and your partner.

Before you start exercising, you should do warm-up routines for at least 5 minutes together. Also, never forget to cool down right after your exercise routines. You can try walking outside, on treadmills, or brisk marching in place.

Following is a list of routines and exercises for couples that you and your partner can do together. Try at least 8-15 repetitions of each exercise mentioned below. You and your partner should work at levels that suit you best.

  • Squats (e.g., single leg squats, ball-wall squats)
  • Harmstring stretch
  • Lunges (e.g., walking lunges, forward lunges, modified lunges)
  • Quad stretch
  • Shoulder and biceps stretch
  • Triceps stretch
  • Dips (e.g, dips with knees bent, dips with straight legs)
  • Planks (e.g., simple planking, modified planking)
  • Crunches (e.g, bicycle crunches, crunches with twist)
  • Torso stretch
  • Back extension (also called superman)
  • Bridge-ups or bridges (also known as reverse planks)
  • Outer thigh and gluteal stretch

Doing exercises for married couples will not only strengthen and improve your physical strength and aerobic flexibility, it will also strengthen your relationship with your partner.


  1. What a great article! I appreciate your perspective that many partners may be at different fitness levels. Some of the best times I’ve had at the gym where when my husband and I worked out together. Here’s another option (the way we did it): go do your own workout for half the time, then team up for the last half. In our case, he went to swim for 30 minutes, I’d do cardio. Then we got back together to lift.
    Love your work! Keep it up!

    • Glad you dug the article Jessica. There aren’t many couples who are at the same fitness level. I love how you and your husband split your time at the gym doing your own thing and then doing part of the workout together. This is something we’ll have to talk about more as it is a perfect scenario. Cheers.

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