5 Effective Core Workouts at Home to Help You Build Your Core Strength

Core strength refers to the ability of your abdominal and back muscles to support your spine, keep your posture upright, and your body balanced. Strengthening your core muscles requires more than just simple crunches. For a complete and well-balanced core exercise you’ll need to do exercise routines that target all 4 major muscle groups of your abs as well as your pelvic and lower back muscles.

There are many exercises that can strengthen your core. Some of them can be done with no equipments in the comfort of your home.  Following are some core workouts at home that you may want to include in your fitness training program:

  • The Plank. Planking is a great warm-up routine that uses all your core muscles.

How-to: Stretch your body out on a mat, face down. Use your elbows and the toes of your feet to elevate yourself up from the floor. While in a propped position, make sure that you keep your shoulders in line with your back, buttocks and legs. Hold this position for about 30-60 seconds or for as long as you can.

To increase the intensity and difficulty level, lift one of your arms up while maintaining you propped posture. Hold for several minutes then switch arms.

  • Abdominal V-sit Exercise

This is one of the core workouts at home that engages the muscles on your abdomen.

How-to: Get into a sitting position on the floor. Lift both your legs up, making a 45-degree angle with your upper body. Stretch your arms out and try to reach your shin. Hold this position for several seconds or for as long as you can. Repeat the routine several times.

  • The Bicycle Crunch

This routine is the best core workout at home for both the obliques and the rectus abdominus.

How-to:  Lay flat on your back on the floor and then clasped your hands at the back of your head, just above your nape. Bring your right knee up at about 45 degrees with your upper body. Do a bicycle pedal motion using both of your legs. As one knee is brought up, touch it with your elbow – right elbow to your left knee and left elbow to your right knee.

Perform the routine in a controlled and slow motion. Do at least 25 repetitions on each knee.

  • The Hip Bridge Exercise

This at home core workout targets your abs and the muscles on your lower back. The hip bridge is a basic exercise that improves spinal and core stabilization.

How-to: Lay flat on your back on the floor. Stretch your body with your arms on lying straight on your side. Bend your knees without raising your feet off the floor. Prop the area from your shoulders to your knees up. Make sure that your head and feet are still touching the floor.  Hold this position for about 60 seconds or for as long as you can.

Remember that all these core workouts at home can be more effective if performed in conjunction with sufficient rest, proper diet and other full-body strength-training program.

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