TFMS 029 – Smart Meal Planning with E-Mealz Co-Founder Jenny Cochran

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The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Jenny Cochran – E-Mealz co-founder, wife, Mom and great guest!ย  *Don’t miss the fantastic giveaway at the end of this post.*

As a pastor’s wife, Jenny was blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit that allowed her to help cover the bills that can sometimes be a struggle on a pastor’s salary.

However, when she partnered up with her sister to start provide meal planning services in their local area, they had no idea just how important and well-received their expertise would be!

As co-creator of the super-popular E-Mealz online meal planning site, Jenny has literally helped thousands of families get healthier, save lots of money and enhance their time together.

You won’t want to miss this awesome interview, which includes:

  • The story behind E-Mealz and how they won the endorsement of financial guru Dave Ramsey
  • Why meal planning is so vital to your health and fitness
  • How Dustin’s family saves $317 per month using E-Mealz and why you will save lots of money, too
  • The value of spending regular meal time together as a family and how you can make it happen
  • How you can get started with E-Mealz today…at a discount!
  • And much more!

Don’t miss the information below on how you can win a FREE subscription to E-Mealz!

How Does E-Mealz Work?

It’s really simple!

You just choose the best plan for your family from the 26 different options on the E-Mealz website. These include a mix of food types (regular, low-fat, portion control, vegetarian, low carb, gluten free), family size and your favorite grocery store (or choose the Any Store plan if your grocer isn’t listed).

Then you just log in each week and print off your new meal plan and shopping list. All of the ingredients you need for your weekly shopping trip are organized onto a single page and broken down aisle-by-aisle for your store, and the meal plan/recipes are on a second page.

You can even click here, browse the meal plans and print off a sample plan to check it out for free!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH E-MEALZ MEAL PLANSWe haven’t noticed any recipes repeating since we started in October, although E-Mealz says their most popular recipes may repeat every 4-6 months. That’s a lot of variety!

And in case you’re wondering, the meals are almost always DELICIOUS…so we have lots of new favorite dishes that we wouldn’t have discovered without this service.

How Does E-Mealz Save You Money?

In addition to simply eating out less and grocery shopping with a plan, E-Mealz menus are actually planned to give you the best value with each shopping trip!

The weekly plans are set up to coincide with the sales at your store for that week. This alone can represent a major savings if you aren’t already tracking and planning your shopping trips and specific meals based on your store’s weekly sales.

Plus, you will most likely be eating healthier under your E-Mealz plan, which means you’ll lose weight, feel better and ultimately have lower medical bills!

What Does E-Mealz Cost?

Normally, E-Mealz costs just $5 per month, or $1.25 per week. Given what you save with sales, less eating out and no more wasted groceries, this is just an incredible value.

The fine folks at E-Mealz have agreed to give you an even better value as a member of the Engaged Marriage community! When you click here to go sign up for E-Mealz, just enter the coupon code “efmarriage” at checkout and you’ll save an additional 10%!

This discount expires on July 31st, 2011.

Don’t Miss Our E-Mealz Giveaway!

And the goodness doesn’t stop there! We are also going to give TWO lucky winners each a FREE 3-month subscription to E-Mealz.

To enter the giveaway, simply click here to check out the different meal plan options, and leave a comment below stating which of the 26 available meal plan options you will choose for your family.

For bonus chances to win, do one or both of the following to help us spread the word about E-Mealz:

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The entries for the giveaway will close at Noon CST on Friday 7/15. We’ll randomly select two winners at that time and they’ll be all set with 3 months of free E-Mealz!

I am proud to share our experiences with E-Mealz with you, and I’m proud to partner with them for this giveaway and discount for our readers. I encourage you to go connect with them via their Twitter, Facebook and Blog presence and tell them Fit Marriage sent you!

Emealz - Easy Meals for Busy People!


  1. Philip Scherry says:

    My wife has a gluten sensitivity, so we would choose either the Gluten Free (Any Store) plan or the Vegetarian (Any Store) plan. Our family of 4 seems to always have trouble planning dinner.

  2. I would pick the any store meal plan. I have always wanted to try e-mealz – I hear their commercials on Dave’s show all the time!

  3. I would want to try out the Diet Specific plan, as my husband and I are getting fit together, we have two sons who are athletes and they could eat healthier, but just add more calories instead of eating junk; we have two children who could stand to lose a couple of lbs., and the little one will eat anything!!

  4. I am thinking about trying the Aldi plan for 2 since I’ve been getting great produce there lately!

  5. Ashley Arnold says:

    The Low Carb Diet any store 2 people!

  6. Regular Family Meal from Aldi would work great for us.

  7. I would definitely be excited to try the Meal Plan Options for 2, although I wish there was a gluten free option!!

  8. jeff Hoening says:

    Our family would choose the Publix regular meal plan for my wife and four kids. Terrific idea, business and ministry (E-Mealz and FM). May God continue to bless you both!

  9. I would go with the Low Carb Family any plan. We have been discussing how we’d like to have more organization around our meal planning as well as get something lower in carbs to help us watch our waistlines, that looks like an easy concept.
    Keep up the good work, Dustin!

  10. Regular Family Meal Plan from Ralph’s CA would work for us.

  11. We love the Low Fat any store plan!!

  12. Very cool! We would try out the vegetarian walmart option.

  13. I would have to go with the Walmart for 2.

  14. I’m looking at the any store plan family plan. It’s just me an my hubby, but between guests (and how much he eats), we need the family option! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I guess I would choose the “Gluten Free (Any Store)” plan, since the local store(s) that I shop at are not listed and “gluten free” is closest to my preference. I would like an “organic/natural foods” option instead!

  16. Jenn Green says:

    This would help my family soooo much!

  17. I’d love to check out the portion control for 2 plan

  18. I’d love to try the gluten free meal plans!!!

  19. I would choose the regular family meal plan for Kroger, or any store. If Meijer was ever added, I’d choose it!

  20. Megan M. says:

    It would be the low carb plan for us!

  21. Salena Begley says:

    I love EZ Meals and have looked into it many times but have never tried it. Not sure why but haven’t. I would do the Vegetarian Meals for sure!

  22. Salena Begley says:

    I also posted on my facebook account

  23. Melissa says:

    I’d love to try the portion control for any store. I definitely need some help with meal planning!

  24. Please help!

  25. This looks like a great site! I can use all the help I can get with meal planning for my family…my four kids keep me busy cooking! We would choose the Specialty Family Low Carb Meal Plan (Any Store)…to eat healthier and not have to think much about the menu sounds like a good plan! Thanks for sharing this ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Lori Lippert says:

    I have been tempted to subscribe to E-mealz since I heard about it on the Fit Marriage website. If I were to sign up, I would choose the Family Low Fat (Any Store) option.

  27. I would pick “Gluten-Free (Any Store)” I was excited to see this option because I went gluten-free about a month ago. A plan like that would really help to get the rest of the family involved.

  28. My husband and I already plan our meals but they don’t coincide with sales. It would like the Aldi family plan. But a low fat or portion control would also be great!

  29. I choose picky family/low carb menu. I’ve always wanted to try EZ Meals.

  30. I signed up the last time you talked about it and I LOVE it! I would love to win and I would add the vegetarian menu. I would love to add some meatless meals to our menu.

  31. Sarah-Anne K. says:

    I am VERY interested in this. I’d chose the vegetarian (any store) meal plan for our family.

  32. I’d pick the Any Store Family plan. My husband and I are losing weight, but with 3 growing kids, the other plans just really aren’t a great fit. Would love to see plans available for Hannaford Supermarkets.

  33. Tiffany says:

    I would love the Family Low Fat (any store) meal plan! I am excited to try it!

  34. Michelle says:

    Family plan for any store would be great for us!

  35. Oh – great giveaway!! Our family could really use the Regular Family Meal Plan (any store) ๐Ÿ™‚


  36. I would probably go with either Aldi for 2 or Any store for 2 (I can’t decide!). This would be great for us!

  37. Gluten Free! That’s For Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks For The Opportunity To Win!

  38. I would love the Portion Control, any store, Meal plan. My husband is a little skeptical about ez meals (we just talked about it earlier this week because it was talked about on a FB page I follow) so this would really help to convince him!

  39. I would select the Walmart Budget plan

  40. I’d have to go with the Regular Family Meal Plan – Any Store

  41. Sounds interesting. The regular family plan for any store or Kroger appear to be the best fit for my family.

  42. The Regular Family Meal Plan(any store)would work for my family. Thank you!

  43. We have been using e-mealz for 2 at Publix for almost a year now and LOVE IT! For those skeptical husbands, mine got on board super fast when I came home spending less than HALF at the grocery store! Add to that we have cut back our eating out so much and we have seen great savings!

    There have only been a few meals (maybe 2) that we didn’t care for, but it wasn’t that there was anything wrong with them, it was personal preference, and only 2 out of around 200 is pretty darn good!

    I wish there were more options, like portion control for 2, @ Publix because in my area it’s the only store with good produce. But honestly, the meals are already pretty portion controlled and healthy, so it’s certainly not a deal breaker!

  44. deirdre says:

    i would like the g free diet!!! any store…..

  45. Congratulations to our two lucky winners! E-Mealz will be contacting you soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    – Family Low Fat (any store) meal plan

    Sarah-Anne K.
    – Vegetarian (any store) meal plan

    Thanks for the strong interest and awesome comments. Have a great weekend everyone!

  46. How awesome! WE would love the regular plan for 4-6 people (of course with growing boys … LOL) We are living on one income for family of 6 and it’s tough tough tough these days! THanks for this awesome opportunity!


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