TFMS 022 – Yoga Expert & Author Leslie Kaminoff on the Benefits of Yoga in Your Busy Life

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The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Yoga Expert Leslie Kaminoff. As someone who has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, Leslie has a lot to share with us busy, married folks.  This interview won’t disappoint, as Leslie shares what he has done to stay connected with his wife as they raise their 3 sons.

Leslie is the author of the #1 yoga book on Amazon Yoga Anatomy and the at-home yoga DVD Breath-Centered Yoga. Both of these should be added to your library if you want to improve flexibility, balance, strength and mental clarity.

Starting a yoga practice with your spouse is doable and Leslie walks us through how we can do this. Whether you are looking to balance your body or balance your life, Leslie will help get you there through yoga.

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A few of the topics we cover in this awesome interview include:

  • What is rational yoga?
  • How is Breath-Centered Yoga performed?
  • Why is breath so essential to the practice of yoga?
  • How can busy couple incorporate yoga into their everyday life?
  • What poses can be done to increase energy?
  • Which poses can help reduce everyday stress?
  • Can folks increase strength by practicing yoga?
  • How can heavier individuals benefit from starting yoga?
  • In what ways does yoga enhance sexual intimacy?
  • And Much More!

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Connect with Leslie (tell him you enjoyed his interview on FM!):

Yoga Anatomy

Breath-Centered Yoga DVD

The Breathing Project

Leslie on Facebook

Leslie on Twitter

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