TFMS 011: Johnny B. Truant on Being a Badass, a Fit Entrepreneur & a Gymnast

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The Fit Marriage Show welcomes the one and only Johnny B. Truant. Johnny is well-known in online business and blogging circles, but you may not know that he is a fitness fanatic and a truly badass source of motivation.

From running barefoot half-marathons before dawn to experimenting with biphasic sleep patterns and rolling tractor tires around in his backyard, Johnny lives his love of self-improvement through fitness.

Johnny has been exercising consistently through good times and bad, and he knows from first-hand experience and through working with his clients that fitness truly fuels success for busy entrepreneurs. Oh, and he’s a devoted husband and Dad, too.

In this interview, Johnny shares in his unique, uncensored style the importance of fitness in your busy life and why it’s only your own excuses that are holding you back. You don’t want to miss this interview with Johnny B. Truant!

A few of the topics we cover in this awesome interview include:

  • The real story behind barefoot running and Vibram FiveFingers shoes
  • His experience with biphasic sleep and how it might help you achieve more
  • Why resolutions suck
  • Why he’s tried yoga, tennis, Olympic weight lifting, power-lifting, strongman training, CrossFit, marathon running and even gymnastics to get fit
  • The truth behind your current fitness level (hint: if you’re fat, it’s because you choose to be that way)
  • Who the true Badasses are in the world and how you can learn from them
  • So much more!

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Here are some of the many resources and cool links that were discussed during the interview:

Schedule Your Fun Stuff (from

Johnny’s Biphasic Sleep experiment

Johnny’s Slow Carb Diet experiment

Born to Run

Kyle Maynard

Thor Holt

Hal Higdon Marathon Training

Connect with Johnny (tell him you enjoyed his interview on FM!):

The Badass Project

Johnny on Twitter


  1. Thanks for having me! I never get to talk about this stuff, and I miss talking about it.

    • This remains one of my favorite interviews, Johnny. We’ll definitely need to circle around and get you back on The Fit Marriage Show.

  2. Enjoyed the interview!

    From one fitness and sports person to another, great job on everything you’re doing. Looking forward to exploring your blog more. This is my first time visiting, and it’s really nice to see people helping others get healthy like you are. 🙂


    Dave Cynkin
    Co-Founder, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

    Connect with me at:

    • Dave,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the site and our interview. There are several great bloggers (including Leo Babauta) included in the show archives and many more to come.

      Keep in touch!



  1. […] was enjoying this interview with Johnny B. Truant, when a particular statement made me gasp in disgust. Talking about people who complain about their […]

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