TFMS 009: Fitness Expert Jay Blahnik on the Benefits of Being Flexible

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The Fit Marriage Show welcomes fitness expert Jay Blahnik.  Jay was named IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year, he’s been listed by Men’s Health for developing one of the Top 10 Workouts of all Time, he’s starred in more than 30 award-winning fitness videos, and now he’s the author of an awesome resource called Full-Body Flexibility.

This interview is full of detailed fitness advice on how being flexible is so important in our lives.  Jay shares from his own experiences to help us become more flexible and feel good in our busy lives.  You don’t want to miss this interview with Jay!

A few of the topics we cover in this awesome interview include:

  • How Jay is keeping fitness a priority in his busy life (he’s honest here folks)
  • 4 Stretching Techniques that everyone should know about
  • Why stretching and flexibility are so important in our lives
  • The best time to stretch and when is not a good time to stretch
  • Utilizing specific stretches to prevent injury so you can enjoy your workouts
  • Examples that stay-at-home mom’s, desk jockey’s, runners and others can use every day
  • The Three-Step Stretching System that will change the way you look at stretching forever
  • How to breath while stretching and use your breath to your advantage

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Full-Body Flexibility Giveaway

Jay had such a great time on The Fit Marriage Show, he has generously shared three Full-Body Flexibility books for us to give away to our audience!  We know from reading the book and going through it that any busy person or couple can benefit from the stretches and routines in this great resource.

We couldn’t be happier than to share this with our Fit Marriage community!  There are three books available and we have three different ways for you to get one.  You can enter up to three times by completing each activity!

Let’s give away a killer book!

To enter to win Full-Body Flexibility, just do the following:

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  • You can also enter via Twitter by tweeting the following message: Enter to win a FREE copy of “Full-Body Flexibility” from @fitmarriage #giveaway
  • Finally, you should enter by leaving a comment below sharing why you think this book would be valuable to you.

We will randomly select one winner (a total of three) each from Facebook, Twitter and from the comments below.  Each winner will receive a free copy of Full-Body Flexibility!  The contest ends at Noon CST on Friday, January 21st, 2011 so act quickly!

Connect with Jay (tell him you enjoyed his interview on FM!):

Full-Body Flexibility

Jay on Twitter

Jay on Facebook


  1. I played hockey specifically goalie. I haven’t played since my senior year in high-school ( I am now 24). I mean I have am not as fit as I was what. My non-active lifestyle finally caught up with me in gaining a few pounds. However, what I miss most is my flexibility from those days.

  2. Sueoutlaw says:

    Nice interview–the older I get the more important I realize stretching is and this book is a great way to get it done!

    • You were randomly chosen and soon to be proud owner of Jay’s book Full-Body Flexibility. Email us your shipping info to feedback(at) Thanks for your comment and hope that you have enjoyed all we have here on Fit Marriage.

      • sooooo…the other copy is still up for graps? then count me in! 🙂 stiff right knee that won’t bend gots to stop right now for once and all, so I can fully be engaged in my fitness trials!

  3. I’m a triathlete – we’re notoriously inflexible. Help me!

  4. I have made a committment to stay healthy. I have lost 50 pounds in the last year, am eating clean, have increased my endurance and am wanting to increase my flexibility. I have seen the consequences of an unbalanced wellness plan and am trying to incorporate good habits, in all areas, from the start. This book would be a true asset to my whole body wellness plan!

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