TFMS 001: Dr. Corey Allan on Fitness, Simplicity, Sex and Family

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In this inaugural episode of The Fit Marriage Show, Dr. Corey Allan from Simple Marriage gives us some killer advice on marriage and fitness and how the two fit together to help us have a happy life.  On top of having a top relationship blog, Corey is also an author and a professional marriage and family therapist.

Some of the topics we cover in this awesome interview include:

  • How physical fitness can help us have a better sex life (in many ways)
  • How exercise and eating well fit into a simple and happy family life
  • How to make time for fitness in a busy house with kids
  • How to rock your marriage (in a good way) through fitness even if you don’t workout with your spouse
  • And much more, including Corey’s personal approach to living an active lifestyle

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Items Mentioned in this Episode:

Buck Naked Marriage: Strip Away the Unnecessary and Focus on the Bare Essentials

A Simple Marriage (the book)

Connect with Corey (tell him you enjoyed his interview on FM!):

Simple Marriage Blog

Corey on Twitter


  1. Kent & Jennifer says:

    Great interview Dustin. Can’t wait for the next interview.

    • Thanks Kent & Jennifer! We love this format, and I *guarantee* you’ll love next week’s interview. We welcome Leo Babauta of Zen Habits to talk about Fitness, Family and Focus!


  2. David Siteman Garland says:

    Great job guys. Always awesome to see the power of the interview 🙂


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