TFMS 004: Robert & Bekah Swingle of Wellness Break Radio on Detoxing, Weight Loss, Addictions, & Foster Parenting

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The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Robert & Bekah of Wellness Break Radio to share their insights and top tips on how you can live a healthy life together.  The Bekah’s share their wellness story from smoking and alcohol to a place of wellness.  They are parents to 6 foster kids ranging from 11-16 years old.  This interview is packed with real life stories and followed up with practical examples and tips that you definitely will not want to miss.

Just a portion of the topics we cover in this awesome interview include:

  • Together detox sessions from gluten and refined sugars
  • Learn the proper way to lose weight and start your road to life long wellness
  • When your body goes into survival mode your body stores fat
  • Weight loss has a lot to do with the bad toxins your body stores
  • Replacing the bad foods with eating good foods starts NOW!
  • Present better options to help your spouse see the healthy side of life
  • You want to change your spouse, change yourself first
  • When your body gets well you will lose weight
  • Stop talking about fat and start talking about the sugars in our foods
  • Spiking and crashing is detrimental to our internal organs
  • Stress is impacting your body every day
  • Kill the Monster Campaign a fight against energy drinks
  • And Much More!

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Wellness Break Radio

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  1. EXCELLENT interview! So rarely do I hear people who truly ‘get’ health (including nutritionists). Rob & Becka have such amazing health wisdom. Thanks so much for having this on. I will be checking Wellness Break Radio and the ‘Kill the Monster Campaign’. My 17 year-old son drinks at least one everyday (he now lives with his dad). He was raised vegetarian and was in peak health until he moved with dad. He’s now addicted to sugar and caffeine and it breaks my heart. I’m so pleased to be able to do something about these drinks. Again, thanks so much for this fabulous interview!


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