THE SNEAK PEEK: A Major Fit & Busy Program (Fit Nation) Announcement

For the last few weeks my mind has been going a hundred miles an hour as I think about what it really means to lead others to a fit lifestyle they’ll love.

If you remember, the Fit & Busy Lifestyle Program (which now has the name Fit Nation) was created after it became clear to me that…

• There is a huge demand for a holistic AND simple solution to lead busy families toward the fit and healthy lifestyle they crave
• There is NO person or institution addressing the core constraints busy families face – finding time, staying motivated, making exercise and nutrition simple, and providing a community full of support and accountability
• The rewards of a healthy and fit lifestyle are absolutely amazing and priceless

As you can imagine . . . for years I have been on a mission to empower families and give them tools to improve their lives.

I want excellent fitness and lifestyle coaching to be readily available for all families everywhere.

There are too many tired parents and unhealthy kids all over the world. I can’t complete my mission alone with one-on-one consultations. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week. Not to mention you don’t want the Fit Family guy stressed out! 🙂

Where I’m At with Fit Nation

Although Fit Nation is not ready for a large public launch, the pre­‐launch version of the program/community will soon be going live.

When the training program’s doors OFFICIALLY open, I want us to have all the kinks worked out.

I want to ensure that our training has been carefully crafted from the ground up to meet your needs, that our online learning environment works without a hitch (and that our online community is already populated with good content and case studies from your success), that the conference call service we use for question and answer sessions meets any needs that might crop up. And on and on and on.

And so I am offering an initial limited group of 50 people to enroll in Fit Nation for 50% off the price.

Here’s The Trade-­off . . .

As members of the founding class (or the “First 50”), I’ll want extra feedback and participation from you. I want you to give me lots of input on the content and how it is delivered (live vs. recorded for example), what content you would like us to spend more or less time on, and let me know as soon as possible if there is an online technological problem (and then be patient with me as I work to get it fixed quickly).

As part of the “First 50,” I’ll want your thoughts on our online learning environment, I’ll want you to heavily use the online peer­‐support forums and community and fill them with case studies, I’ll want you to fill out a few additional surveys, and serve in an advisory role to me and Tony as we work to make this the very best resource it can be for you and future members.

Oh yeah, you will also get special First 50 status which will come with its own perks, like discounts on future products and seminars, special access to us, recognition within the community and more.

Finally, if I am going to give you 50% off, you need to do your best to represent the best aspects of a fit lifestyle and promise to help other busy families that you know improve their lives.

What we’ll cover in Fit Nation

I will describe this in more detail tomorrow, but I wanted to give you an overall picture of what the program and community entails.

Fit Nation will be a powerful and interactive, online community that will guide you and give you everything you need to enjoy a fit lifestyle with your family.  And it will allow you to interact with others experiencing the same positive changes so you can draw and share energy, inspiration and accountability with the entire Nation.

Tony and I won’t only be teaching you life lessons, exercise and nutrition, we will be showing you, supervising, mentoring you through the process of transforming your life from a time-starved, stressed parent to a fit family from beginning to end.

Since this community will serve people from all over the world and with a wide variety of schedules, all training materials will be available 24/7 and all group coaching phone calls will be recorded for easy access if you miss one. Everything  will be organized neatly within a membership site where the community area will be, the class content, recorded workouts and presentations, and everything else you will need access to.

As a Member of Fit Nation, You’ll Have Access to…

  • The Fit Nation Baby Steps, which are seven key lessons that will literally take you step-by-step and show you exactly how to go from feeling time-starved to in control and well on your way to a fit body, mind and lifestyle.
  • Life Lessons to give you the actionable help you need to make a real and lasting difference in your life.  These short, action-0riented presentations give you the specific guidance you need in several key areas, and fresh lessons will be added every month based on what YOU say you need:

– Time Management
– Motivation
– Sex & Intimacy
– Spiritual Health
– Sleep

  • Nutritional help designed specifically for busy families from world-renowned nutritional expert and family dietician Danielle Omar of Food Confidence
  • Simple, easy-to-follow nutritional tools (the Plate Method alone will solve many of your food problems), meal plans and special access to our favorite food tracking program
  • Fresh recipes delivered every month, so you always have something new, simple and healthy to serve your family
  • Super-effective, fast workouts that will get you real results, in less than 30 minutes with NO GYM required
  • Fresh workouts every 30 days to keep things fresh and exciting, and to keep your body’s fat burning furnace cranking
  • Access to the Fit Nation Community – a private social network and forum where you can meet new friends, get your questions answered, share your successes and, most importantly, enjoy powerful accountability
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls with Tony, me and some of the best guest experts on the planet.  In these group question-and-answer sessions, we’ll take your questions and give you the specific help you need to keep progressing.  All calls are recorded so you can learn from them even if you can’t make it live.
  • Special secret bonuses, exclusive events, contests and just a whole bunch of Fit Nation FUN!

And here’s something you won’t see anywhere else – your membership gets you ACCESS FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY (immediate family only, please) so you can work together to build and enjoy your fit lifestyle!

The eventual price for a Fit Nation membership will be at least $30 per month, but the First 50 can enroll for $14.97 per month (or even less if you choose the annual option).  And your rate will be locked in for life and never increase…plus you can cancel at anytime with no contracts and no questions asked.

So let’s review again…

How to Become a “First 50” Founding Member of Fit Nation

Tomorrow (Thursday) at around 8pm EST, I’ll be sending you a thorough overview of Fit Nation.

And at that time I’ll also start enrolling “The First 50” into the program.

Registration invitations will first go to everyone who’s emailed me to express interest in the Program.

So if you are receiving this email you are on my interest list and will receive an email from me tomorrow (Thursday Nov 10th) at 8pm EST.

If you Want to Get in Before 8pm EST Tomorrow (November 10th)…

By Thursday afternoon, I will have a proper order form ready, along with a lengthy description of what the Fit Nation program and community entails, when everything begins, etc.

But if you’re already sure you want to do this, and don’t want to wait until 8pm EST tomorrow, then just send payment by clicking here and I’ll make sure you get a spot.

I had to offer this since I have received so many emails asking how they can assure that they have one of the 50 spots.

IMPORTANT: Read This!!

This program is for those who are serious about enjoying the incredible benefits of a fit, healthy lifestyle. This is a comprehensive, all­‐inclusive step-by-step program, community and SO much more than just a “how to manual” with the same worn-out exercise and diet advice. So please only enter this program if you’re serious about making a difference in your life and the lives of your family.

Dustin Riechmann