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This email course will be sent conveniently to your inbox to get you the training you need to enjoy a successful fitness experience.  This is a no-fluff, take-action breakdown that will walk you through each of the Ready, Set, Go! resources below and show you the best way to apply them to your busy life.

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Ready, Set, Go! Family Fitness Cookbook

This one-of-a-kind cookbook contains over 40 fast, healthy and delicious recipes that your busy family will love!  With contributions from six busy (and fit) parents, we cover everything from breakfast to dessert and break down exactly how to prepare each easy and nutritious dish, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your meals with your spouse and kids.

Once you try some of these amazing recipes, you’ll be excited to eat healthy!

Ready, Set, Go! 5K Training Blueprint

This is your definitive guide to getting fit and getting ready to run your first (or best) 5K running event! In this six-week program, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive, full-body routine that will improve your overall fitness while preparing you to enjoy an awesome 5K race.

The plan comes complete with everything you need.  From background training information to motivational strategies to video tutorials of every exercise and beyond, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running toward completing a memorable and fun 5K!

Thrive90 Core Blast Workout

This full-length high-definition video will lead you through an awesome Core Blast workout! This is an actual routine taken from Phase I of our popular Thrive90 Fitness System.  Stream or download it today and start working on getting your abs, hips and backside tight, strong & slim!

Motivation & Goal Setting Seminar

This video interview with world famous achievement coach Tom Terwilliger will help you get your mind right for fitness success. From effective goal setting to staying motivated for the long haul, Tom’s insights will help you start achieving what you want from life…today! This is one of 12 expert interviews that you’ll find inside of our Quick Fit Formula expert seminar series.

P90X – Beginner’s Guide to Success

With a doubt, P90X is the best-selling fitness program in history for good reason.  However, if you’re not quite ready to jump right into an extreme fitness program, there are some insights you should know and actions you should take to prepare for success.  In this guide and video presentation, P90X-graduate Dustin shares every detail to help ensure you get the results you want.

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