Quick Fit Formula Bonuses

Congratulations! Your purchase of the Quick Fit Formula also includes SIX amazing bonuses! We know that the Quick Fit Formula will provide you with many answers to 100’s of fitness questions that busy folks ask each and every day. Now you can take these answers and put them into action with the help of all of these fantastic bonuses. Here’s how we suggest you get started:

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  • Go ahead and download each bonus item to your own computer. It will take a few minutes, but you now have access to all SIX bonuses.
  • Enjoy the Quick Fit Formula bonuses and be sure to share how they help you by emailing us at Feedback@FitMarriage.com
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Fat Loss Quickie Motivation Report by Scott & Angie Tousignant

You may download the Motivation Report by ‘right clicking’ HERE and selecting ‘save’

It’s hard to stay motivated once you start a new exercise/weight loss routine, there’s no doubt about it.  In this report, Scott tells it like it is to get you and keep you motivated.  It’s like having your own personal trainer right beside you each and every day.  Make no mistake, Scott doesn’t let you off easy.  If you want something bad enough, you’ve got to DO what you need to do to get there, and Scott pulls no punches with this jam-packed motivational report.

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Bikini Body Secrets by Holly Rigsby

You may download the Bikini Body Secrets by ‘right clicking’ HERE and selecting ‘save’

Holly is the Busy Mom Fat Loss Coach and in Bikini Body Secrets she outlines the simple, sure-fire bikini body strategies you can use today…but also to show that even though she is fit ~ she can STILL make adjustments and tweaks to her plan and get results!  What does this mean for you?  You Can Too!

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Resetting Your Success Thermostat by Tom Terwilliger

You may access the Resetting Your Success Thermostat audio program by clicking HERE (opt-in is required)

This audio is studio-recorded and digitally downloadable into your computer for easy access. This audio program by #1 bestselling author of 7 RULES of Achievement Tom Terwilliger has already had a profound impact on thousands and it will have a powerful impact on your life as well.

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21 Day Roadmap to Fat Loss by Scott Colby

You may download the 21 Day Roadmap to Fat Loss by ‘right clicking’ HERE and selecting ‘save’

This system was designed with you in mind. As long as you are willing to give 100% effort each and every day, you are going to see some amazing results.

Your mindset and support system will be two very important key elements to your success. These will be just as important as your workouts and your nutrition. You’re going to be faced with obstacles and roadblocks every day. How are you going to overcome them?  Let Scott help you.

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The 40 Minute Body Secret by Chad Hamzeh

You may download The 40 Minute Body Secret by ‘right clicking’ HERE and selecting ‘save’

Free Gift #1: 1 Week to Diet Perfection (video)
You’re going to learn the day-to-day steps on cleaning up your diet and putting yourself on the path to shedding excess pounds.

Free Gift #2: 5 Days of Fat Blasting Workouts (videos)
In each of these Fat Blasting Workouts, you will be guided through a dynamic warm-up, then an intense workout that will help you get in great shape regardless of your training level.

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28 Desserts You Can Eat Every Day by Nathalie Lussier

You may download the 28 Desserts You Can Eat Every Day by clicking HERE

Most people agree that desserts taste great, but that they’re not the healthiest thing you can eat. But what if there was a kind of dessert that tastes incredible, but that was actually good for you? You’re about to discover the secret sweets that only a select group of people have known about for a number of years.