What Are Some Good Ideas for Healthy Evening Snacks?

Last week, one of the participants of our Thrive90 Fitness program wrote in seeking advice about healthy evening snacks idea.  This is a common question for busy parents, so we thought we would share our answer here for everyone’s benefit.

My hubby and I are into Week Two of Phase One of Thrive90 and so far it is going well! We can feel our muscles coming alive!

We workout in the evenings, and I find that I am always so hungry after a workout.

Do you have any suggestions for a healthy evening snacks, and what is appropriate to eat after a workout later in the evening? We do have a bad habit of eating the wrong foods in the evening!

Thanks for your help!


The period following any of your workouts it is a prime time to replenish you body.  Your glycogen levels are down, and your muscles need to be replenished.

This is a great time to take in some carbohydrates because your body is going to use the carbs to restore your glycogen levels, which will leave you fueled for your next workout.

The real trick is determining how much you should eat.  It will take some experimenting to get the portions just right for your particular body and exercise intensity.  However, I know from experience that once you do you’ll be feeding the correct amount of energy your body needs before bedtime and wake up feeling energized the next day.

Here are some ideas for nutritious evening snacks:

1. Protein Smoothie
2. Banana w/ peanut butter or almond butter
3. Bagel and cream cheese w/ smoked salmon
4. Greek yogurt w/ mixed berries, raw organic honey and almonds, cashews or other nuts
5. Peanut/almond butter & jelly sandwich
6. Bowl of oatmeal w/ protein powder
7. Cottage cheese w/ nuts
8. String cheese, a piece of fruit, and nuts

I hope this gives you a good starting point for your post-workout snack.  Again, try a few different portion sizes and see how much satisfies you after the workout and how you feel when you wake up.

If you have any other questions as you continue through Thrive90, please let us know.

To your success!


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  1. Whoa guys, I think I am gonna follow this iTunes podcasts of yours. I am into nutrition tips and how to get my health in shape by eating well… Working out doesn’t cut it entirely…

    • Bojan – Awesome!!! Glad you like these healthy snacks. We agree with you on working out is only part of the equation. Eating properly is vital to anyones success. You are going to dig my interview with KC Craichy Founder & CEO of LivingFuel.com.


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