The Detox Experience: Day 5 – Eating Way to Much

I stumbled a bit today on my eating.  Thanksgiving day I was well prepared for the onslaught of food, but today, the day after I wasn’t so ready!  For some reason I let my guard down and ate more than expected and at times completely forgot about taking my detox tonic.

The positive affects I felt early on using the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program have seem to continued to this point. I was tired after dinner and ended up taking a short nap on the couch while the kids watched Charlie Brown.  It was a nice break from the day.

The next two days I’ll be riding which will put my detox experience into a tail spin.  Hopefully all will run smoothly.

So you are probably wondering what does today look like for me.  For the remainder of the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program, I am going to update you on:

  • Daily workout and duration
  • Foods, meals and snacks that I have had during the day
  • What kind of beverages I drank and how much
  • Elimination patterns
  • Overall well-being

Each day I will be taking the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program product 5 times per day.  Each of these are 20-30 minutes before either a meal or snack.  These consist of:

Breakfast Detox: 1 Tsp. Rejuve Powder  – No problems here
Snack #1 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme – These two mixed are my favorite
Lunch Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters – Man on man this is the worst of them all.  Getting tougher to swallow.
Snack #2 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme
Dinner Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters

Here’s the rundown for today:

Daily Workout

Thrive90 Phase III Power Yoga – 25 minutes

Today’s Menu

Handful of almonds
Breakfast burrito

  • 2 organic eggs
  • handful of shredded Mexican cheese
  • salsa

Snack #1:
None today.

Lunch: Way overboard with lunch today.
Turkey Salad Gorditas (pictured above)

  • 8 oz chopped turkey breast
  • chopped purple cabbage

1 serving of stuffing
1 serving of corn bread casserole
20 chips & salsa
1 small slice homemade apple pie
1 small slice homemade pumpkin crunch cake

Snack #2:
Handful of almonds

Dinner: Ate to much again
2 slices of pizza with ground beef meat sauce
2 potato cakes
5 oz piece of tilapia
1/2 organic zucchini
10 organic baby carrots

Snack #3: (depending on how I’m feeling and how late I’m up)
None today.


Less than 100 oz of H2O.

Elimination Patterns

I had two bowel movements this morning again, but nothing out of the ordinary here.  Due to the decrease in H2O I wasn’t urinating as much as previous days.  I’m feeling the lack of hydration right now as I type this and drinking to get some more in before bedtime.

Overall Well-being

Feeling good for the most part.  Looking forward to again seeing how the body reacts during and after my bike ride tomorrow.  This has been an area where I noticed my lack of energy and then a complete drain on my body after the ride.  I have a good feeling that I’ll do well after the way I felt yesterday.

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