The Detox Experience: Day 3

Day 3 is in the bag and being the day before Thanksgiving it has been a bit tough to stay on track.  On top of this the temperature has dropped into the low 40’s for us here in SoCal!  Brrrrr!

The positive affects I’m having with the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program so far will keep me on track for the next 11 days. Right now the hardest part of my day is getting up in the morning.

The biggest problem is me not getting to bed early enough to get the sleep needed. This is something that I’m working on, but failing at 3 to 4 nights a week.  Today wasn’t any different.  Luckily I was working from home this morning so an extra half hour of sleep was much appreciated this morning.

At this point I have not had any bloating, nausea or headaches.  I think I’m in the clear, but will continue to monitor these symptoms as I ramp up my physical activity, 3 out of 4 will be on the bike.

So you are probably wondering what does today look like for me.  For the remainder of the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program, I am going to update you on:

  • Daily workout and duration
  • Foods, meals and snacks that I have had during the day
  • What kind of beverages I drank and how much
  • Elimination patterns
  • Overall well-being

Each day I will be taking the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program product 5 times per day.  Each of these are 20-30 minutes before either a meal or snack.  These consist of:

Breakfast Detox: 1 Tsp. Rejuve Powder  – Goes down smooth, but a bit gritty
Snack #1 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme – Rather smooth with a little kick
Lunch Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters – This is getting tougher to swallow every time I take it (pictured above)
Snack #2 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme
Dinner Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters

Here’s the rundown for today:

Daily Workout

Thrive90 Phase II Core Blast – 29 minutes
Indoor football & soccer with the kids – approx 20 minutes

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Sandwich

  • 1 toasted sprouted wheat bagel
  • 1 organic egg
  • slice of jack cheese

Snack #1:
Banana and 2 handfuls of cashews

6oz of tuna fish salad in a lettuce wrap
14 multigrain crackers

Snack #2: (this is usually where I mess up by overeating before dinner)
Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich

Mexican Night

  • 1 1/2 bean & beef burritos with shredded cheese (1/2 was leftover from my daughters plate = Garbage Disposal Dad)
  • 1 bean & beef taco with shredded cheese
  • 3 zucchini fritters
  • medium size helping of zucchini soup
  • approx 15 tortilla chips and salsa

  • Snack #3: (depending on how I’m feeling and how late I’m up)
    None today.


    Approx. 100 oz of H2O.
    16 oz of NUUN for electrolytes and flavor
    10 oz of peppermint tea

    Elimination Patterns

    Nothing unusual for me today.  I am fairly regular for the most part, but have noticed an increase in urination due to the amount of H2O that I am drinking.  Honestly, I’m interested to see if I have an increase in bowel movement over the course of the program.  Today I had my regular bowel movement in the morning and nothing else.

    Overall Well-being

    Again I have had a consistent amount of energy throughout the day.  My mom came down to hang out with the kids before Thanksgiving and this is always appreciated.  Alisa and I were able to get away for a bit to hit the grocery store.  There is much preparing going on in the kitchen for our Thanksgiving day feast.  Tomorrow is going to be tough with all the extra food and drinks around.  One thing that is keeping me on my toes is the food journal I am keeping each day.  I feel that this will help me stay more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth throughout the day.

    Goal tonight is to get to bed at a reasonable hour, 11pm.

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