Recovery Breakfast – Refuel for the Day Ahead


Breakfast…it’s the most important meal of the day. We are told this from a very young age, and then we expound our wisdom onto our own kids.

But, do you eat a healthy breakfast after a workout that will get you through your day?

After many years of feeling lethargic midway through my morning after a workout, fueling myself properly has become a passion. What you are about to watch is one of many breakfast combinations that keep me going for many hours.

To make the smoothie I mention in this video, check out How to Make a Delicious ProGrade or Living Fuel Protein Smoothie.

The Fit Marriage Show guest Jonathan Ross with Abs Revealed mentioned the one perfect time to eat carbohydrates in this informative fitness interview.

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich Ingredients

  • Toasted sprouted bagel
  • One or two organic fried eggs
  • Handful spinach
  • Purple cabbage

Toast bagel. Fry egg to your liking while sauteing spinach. Place egg, spinach, and cabbage onto bagel.

Enjoy…it’s really that simple to refuel yourself for the day ahead!


  1. Great job on the vid Tony,

    I am huge fan of protein shakes in the AM and after the hardest work out of the day. When I get tired of slugging down whey protein I will eat eggs but usually boiled or omelet. What I love about protein shakes is that you can mix in almost anything! I also like to eat small meals every few hours.


    • Thanks Rob this is one of many variations of my recovery breakfasts. This morning after doing a 30 mile ride in 1:45 I started off with a Hammer Nutrition Recovorite smoothie and then had a two egg spinach & cheese omelet with mango salsa.

      My thing is to keep the variety going as I’m not one to eat the same thing over and over. I’ve eaten 5-6 smaller meals a day for some time, but after reading KC Craichy’s book The Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need I’ve been experimenting with 3 square meals a day. If you pick it up read Chapter 13 it talks all about this.

      So far so good. Having done a lot of endurance riding in the past I will have to say eating like this has been working out more than I had expected.

  2. This is a great breakfast. I have made similar creations for myself and the kids as a healthier breakfast. I am trying to get more knowledge about tying this nutrition into my workouts. Currently my concern is that I am not working out in the morning. Just don’t seem to have the time. I tend to workout after I put the kids to sleep around 8:30 p.m. I will usually have a protein shake right after I finish working out, I will even sip on this as I continue to stretch out afterward. I then shower up and try to relax or read until time to go to bed. I am a bit concerned that perhaps I shouldn’t be loading on the protein shakes so late in the evening?

    • Randy – No matter if you are working out in the morning or the evening you need to refuel your body so that it is ready for the next workout ahead. I’ve done what you have done many of times and have found that I had no adverse affects.

      Questions to ask yourself are:
      How am I feeling after my recovery meal?
      Am I sleeping well?
      What is my performance level during my next workout?

      If these are all positive, keep doing what you are doing.


      • Awesome stuff Tony! I had a great workout last night, 20 minutes HIIT, 15 elliptical, 20 outdoor run, followed by a protein smoothie. I was set for the night, woke up a bit stiff this morning and with a bit of a headache? Perhaps I should have downed an extra glass of water last night also… I am exercising almost everyday, not following a constant schedule but working more aggressively one day then lightly the next.

        Think I’m going to make some of these bagel sandwiches this weekend for the kids!!! They’ll love em.

        • Let me know what you and the kids think of the bagel sandwich. It’s one of my staples after longer rides. For your stiffness pick up some Arnica Gel, This stuff is great and I use it often.

          I’ve gotten headaches after workouts due to not drinking enough H20 too. One thing to make sure you are doing since you workout in the evenings is to get in your H20 during the day. This will help you during your workout and afterwards.

          Onward my friend.


          • Tony, Kids loved the sandwiches, couldn’t convince them to have on a bagel so 100% whole wheat toast for them! Great flavour and an easy meal. Both said it was nice to have a warm sandwich for lunch. I’ll investigate the Arnica Gel, currently I’m using “Tiger Balm” and it works but is so strong smelling. I am trying to increase my water consumption and am spending my nights with a water bottle in hand.

  3. Glad they liked the sandwiches Randy. Having it on whole wheat works for the kids. What you are doing as you make these different meals is instilling in them healthy eating habits. My kids are the same, but seeing us cook and eat healthy is where they learn.

    Arnica Gel is much different than Tiger Balm. No smell & it doesn’t burn. Having used both Arnica Gel is a much better product.

    Keep cranking it dude!

  4. Right, gotta have the protein, but get some fat in there too!
    ADD BACON — fry your eggs in the bacon oil, or at least put some butter (not marg.) on that bagel. Fat is more satisfying and helps you to absorb the vitamins in the vegs. And of course eat those eggs whole, the yolks are packed with good stuff!

    All the best,

    • AJ – You are right on when it comes to getting healthy fats in. With this meal in particular I fry the eggs in extra virgin olive oil. Health fats are vital to brain function, healthy hear, skin, and much more.

      When it comes to bacon we make sure to get organic as the regular bacon and I will add it to this meal at times. The regular bacon is filled with crap that I don’t particularly like to have in my body so that is why we go organic here.


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