The Prepackaged Diet: The Newest Trend in the Health Food Industry

This is a guest post from James Kim of Food on the Table.

Maybe you have seen coolers on your neighbors’ doorstep, or perhaps you’ve passed by a  “healthy take-away”    restaurant on your way to work.

Health food is taking on a new form: prepackaged, deliverable meals. While expensive, these health food companies are making dieting and meal planning a no-brainer.

If you’ve tried everything to slim down, but are still having a tough time keeping the weight off, maybe these options could help you.

Prepackaged Examples

The Whole Bite: The Whole Bite is a restaurant based in Austin, TX that allows you to pick your food up fresh at a restaurant, requiring that you pay a monthly fee. The more meals you buy a day, the less the cost per meal. Four small meals a day for 21 days costs about $500.00.This restaurant does not use artificial sweeteners.

Diet-to-go: Diet-to-go has several eating plans, including 7-day meal plans, 5-day meal plans, low fat, vegetarian, and low carb plans. A one week meal plan (21 meals in one week) will cost you about $158.00. If you have Diet-to-go delivered, they will come frozen, however you can chose the “local pickup” option, which gives you “never frozen” eats. This is only for the Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, or San Francisco bay areas.

In the Zone Delivery: This delivery service is a “never frozen” establishment that charges anywhere from $36.00-$45.00 a day. This is based on the Zone diet, 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. In the Zone Delivery is available in USA and Canada.

Fresh-N-Fit Cuisine: This company has pick-up locations all over Georgia and delivers via UPS throughout the Southeast (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee). A 1200 calorie meal plan for 7 days will cost you $150.00.

Bistro MD: This service is delivered throughout the US. According to the BistroMD website, their are no “chemicals, fillers, [or] additives” in the cooked meals. A full week plan with snacks will put you under about $180.00.

Freshology: Freshology has seen a lot of success lately because of endorsements by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Ricki Lake. Other celebrity clientele include Mario Lopez, This is a nationwide program based out of Los Angeles. You can choose either frozen or fresh food. All food is cooked by top chefs. A 28 day “Fresh Get Slim Gold” program costs about $45.00 a day — that’s $1,526.60 for the full term. Wowza!

If none of these diet options particularly strike your fancy, try checking out Focus 28 diet, 5 Squares, eDiets, or Chefs Diet, online.

After a month of eating only health food, you will surely see results. Make sure before selecting one of these meal plans to inquire about ingredients used. The less artificial additives, the better.

Eating healthy has never been so easy.


  1. I don’t know about these. I know life is busy, but part of the joy of being in a family is making and eating meals together.

    Now with both of our kids out of the house we are learning how to cook for two. Fun and healthy.

    • I agree with you Troy, but as all of us know that there are times when we hit ruts. These might be just the thing to get out of it and then get back on track. I know for us that we did Dream Dinners some years back when the kids were younger. It was a way for Alisa to hang out with her girlfriends for an afternoon and then we had a couple of weeks of dinners prepared.

      What it did for us was give us some new variety and helped us break through that rut and move forward. Now we are much more simple with our nutritional needs and I’m currently working on a plan that will help simplify this for many busy families.

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