Eat Real Food That Will Strengthen You and Your Family

Real Food

Would you rather eat a bland frozen TV dinner or eat fresh grilled chicken seasoned with your favorite spices, sauteed veggies, and finish it up with a bowl of fruit? If you are thinking that the latter one takes to much time and effort we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t.

Introducing more real foods to your families overall nutrition is a process. Take small baby steps each week as you try new foods and meals. Over time you and your family are going to feel the difference that eating real food provides.

Plan your weekly meals on a budget

One thing that we have found helpful in our marriage and for our family is to plan our meals. For us this is typically dinners as breakfast and lunch we are each are on our own. By planning our dinners we can make that yummy grilled chicken mentioned above. All we do is pull the chicken out of the freeze in the morning, defrost, and then grill for dinner.

There are many fantastic real food recipes that you can prepare for your family over the course of each week. Don’t miss the Real Food book bundle deal, only $7.40, to get the resources you need to eat delicious, whole foods on a budget. Packed full of recipes and tips, it’s sure to be a go-to resource in your kitchen.

Included in this book bundle are:

  • Real Food on a Real Budget
  • Real Food…Real Easy
  • Real {Fast} Food
  • Sourdough A to Z
  • Treat Yourself

Shop at farmer’s markets

If there is one place we make sure to get by a couple of times each month it is our local farmer’s market. The is a fantastic spot to purchase your veggies, eggs, gluten-free breads, and more. It’s also a great way to get to know the people who are growing your foods.

Having your grocery list before taking a trip to the farmer’s market is key to making sure you stay within your budget. Don’t miss out on the Real Food book bundle to help you plan your weekly menus.

Purchase your nonperishable without leaving the house

There are a lot of temptations when walking through the grocery store. We have found this to be true for us as well as for our kids. So instead of succumbing to these temptations we purchase most of our nonperishable items online via The Green Polka Dot Box. The best thing about ordering online you can read each label and know what you will be putting into your body.

Eating real food will strengthen you and your family so don’t wait another day to start eating clean. For only $7.40 you can begin your adventures into real food that the entire family can enjoy.

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