Detox Experience: Day 8 – Rest Day

Resting is vital to a healthy body, mind, and soul. Today was one of mine, that is from working out.  I still had the crazy hectic work day after the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’m glad that I gave my body the rest it needed from working out.  It’s during this time that the muscles are able to heal and rebuild themselves.  Have you rested lately?

Today was also my beautiful daughters 5th birthday.  Happy birthday Abby!  A tradition we have is on my kids birthday we do “breakfast with dad”.  They choose the place, I take them there, we eat, and it is a time that I get to spend with them.  Today we ended up at Donutopia.  A fine establishment, but not great when it comes to a quality breakfast.  I made sure to get a breakfast burrito in at home and then in honor of my daughters birthday I got one of my favorites, chocolate cover cake donut.  Got to take it for the team sometimes.

Overall today has been great! For the remainder of the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program, I am going to update you on:

  • Daily workout and duration
  • Foods, meals and snacks that I have had during the day
  • What kind of beverages I drank and how much
  • Elimination patterns
  • Overall well-being

Each day I will be taking the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program product 5 times per day.  Each of these are 20-30 minutes before either a meal or snack.  These consist of:

Breakfast Detox: 1 Tsp. Rejuve Powder  – No problems here
Snack #1 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme – These two mixed are my favorite
Lunch Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters – Was able to drink this down much easier today.  Not sure why?
Snack #2 Detox: 30 drops Scudder’s Alternative & 30 drops Red Clover Supreme
Dinner Detox: 60 drops Sweetish Bitters

Here’s the rundown for today:

Daily Workout

Rest day from hard activity
Indoor football with kids – 15 minutes

Today’s Menu

Breakfast burrito

  • 1 1/2 organic eggs
  • handful of shredded Mexican cheese
  • totilla

Chocolate donut

Snack #1:
Handful of almonds & cashews

Lunch: I didn’t eat enough today for lunch.
8 oz chicken salad in a lettuce wrap
10 baby carrots
15 tortilla chips

Snack #2:
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Dinner: Pictured above
10 oz rib eye steak
2 servings of salad
1 steamed artichoke
2 Hawaiian rolls
1 kiwi

Snack #3: (depending on how I’m feeling and how late I’m up)
1 slice of Domino’s cheese pizza
Bowl of granola cereal with organic milk


150+ oz of H2O
Looking for some other healthy beverages to add to the mix.

Elimination Patterns

I have become fairly regular with two bowel movements each morning.  Got to say it is nice to know that my body is working to ride itself of all the poisonous toxins.  Today I’ve noticed a distinct smell to my urination.  Not sure what it is, but I’m assuming it is my body flushing out all the toxins.  I’ve drank plenty of H2O today and will continue to do so.

Overall Well-being

Another restful night of sleep.  I didn’t get to bed as early as I would have liked, but since starting the cleanse I’m getting better sleep.  I didn’t really notice this the first few days, but now I can tell that I’m waking up with more energy. I have enough energy now to sustain me through out the entire day without the highs and lows I’ve been battling for 6+ months now.  This is HUGE!!!  The reason I wanted to do a detox was to have more energy.  At this point I would say it is a success.  With 6 more days left I’m sure there will be more toxins released from my system that will allow for more energy and wellness to my body.

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