Detox Experience: 2 Weeks After

Detox Does a Body Good.

It has been 2 weeks since I completed the Detox Experience using Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program.  The difference this has made on my body is amazing!

My energy levels before starting the Detox Experience were horrible.  I couldn’t make it to mid-morning without feeling lethargic and tired. By the afternoon, I felt the need to nap.

This low energy played a big part in my attitude and behavior toward my wife and kids.

While doing the Detox Experience, I noticed a considerable change in my energy levels.  First off, I wasn’t tired or lethargic and I began to get better sleep each night.

The afternoon fade that I had felt for many months was gone!  There was a 180-degree change in my behavior toward the family for the better.

Another plus to the internal detox has been my workouts.  My body feels and is able to withstand the rigors I put it through while being able to recover faster.  I can’t say enough about how worthwhile it is to do this for yourself and your body.

Since completing the Detox Experience, I have made some minor adjustments to my eating.  If you have never written down what you eat, it’s a must do!  

Writing down everything I ate has been one of the single best things I’ve done, as I learned what I was putting into my body each and every day.  Before starting the detox, I was using a greens product each morning.  Since completing the detox, I’ve gone back to taking my Vitamineral Green drink each morning.  I can tell that I’m benefiting from taking this again.  My bowel movements each morning are, let’s just say, healthy.

I’ve added more dark green vegetables to my diet as well as making sure I’m eating my 6 meals/snacks each day.  I’ve gone out to eat a couple of times and each time I do I feel like blah.  The nutritional value of take-out is not very high, so I’m making an effort to plan ahead.

Alisa, my lovely wife, started the detox shortly after I finished, but didn’t complete it.  Her reasoning was the number of times and steps each day to benefit from the detox.  As a busy wife and mom, she was having a hard time making sure she had what she needed if she was out of the house.

Great News!!!

Erik Fisher of Wellness Break Radio picked up the Supreme Cleanse Internal Cleansing Program after following my progress. What he found in the box were two bottles, not the five that was in the one I used during the Detox Experience.  

Gaia Herbs had changed the detox to a two-step process each day. Now instead of taking 4 different products 5 times a day, you will only take it before breakfast and after dinner.  Two thumbs up!

Trying to keep up with the program over the 14 days was a bit stressful at times for me.  The new 2 times per day approach will help many busy folks experience the benefits of an internal detox.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time for you to do your own Detox Experience!

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