80/20 Nutrition for Success

Enjoy Some Fun Food!Having the proper nutrition is vital to your physical fitness success.

We believe in a simple “don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect diet” approach to nutrition. Be realistic in your diet, keep the pressure off yourself and try to include your favorite foods in moderation.

The 80/20 Rule for Eating

A good way to plan your diet is to eat foods that you plan to and that you know will provide you with the necessary nutrients eighty percent of the time. For the other twenty percent of your diet, feel free to add the foods of your choice.

Planning for such occasions lets you include some fun foods in your diet and takes the pressure off of you to maintain a perfect nutrition plan, which isn’t possible in your busy life. You should endeavor to eat properly, but it is also very important to feel good about all the things you eat.

Make your nutrition an integral part of your fitness plan by checking out a number of the many different mobile calorie counters applications that you can use to track your diet on your smart phone or home computer.

Check these ones out:

My Fitness Pal

Livestrong Calorie Counter

Calorie Count

Having one of these handy as you get the hang of the 80/20 approach to nutrition will help you lose weight, increase your muscle, and enjoy a healthier life.


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