3 Reasons Your Marriage Needs Spinach

Note: This is a guest post from Hailey Hearthrow of Kitchen of Health.

Popeye the Sailor and his lanky love Olive Oyl have been sweethearts for seven decades, according to Popeye’s website.

What’s their secret? The spinach, of course!

And it can be your secret, too.

Science is now proving that if you would swap your meat and dairy for dark green vegetables (and fruits and legumes), you would:

  • elevate your mood (and actually be glad to see your spouse)
  • enhance your circulation (and therefore your orgasms)
  • boost your self-image (and feel more confident in your relationship)

And that’s not all! Spinach and its cousins can increase your iron levels, reduce your waistline, bolster your immunity and produce many other health benefits But in this blog, we will limit ourselves to the three blessings listed above.

How do edible green leaves elevate your mood?

They stabilize blood sugars and provide essential nutrients.

By contrast, look at something known to de-stabilize emotional responses: white sugar. Every parent on the block knows that next holiday, kids are going to be kite-high…then they’re going to crash. That’s because there will be a rapid surge in blood-sugar and just as drastic a drop-off.

Spikes and dips. We’ve all experienced it. And it impacts marriages, too.

Partners snap at each other, re-buff each other, say, “Oh, honey, I just can’t see how,” or “I’m too tired.”

But eat a food with a low “glycemic index” with plenty of fiber in it, and you’ll get a long, slow burn, keeping your blood-chemistry and your moods even-keeled. No manic-depressive responses. Just overall cheerfulness and higher receptiveness in your personal relationships.

And straightforward, upbeat coping.  Add to that the vitamins and minerals your body needs, and you can’t help but feel better.

But spinach doesn’t just make you feel fine, it literally makes you breathe easier.

Every red blood cell in the body is dependent on iron to uptake oxygen. So most people believe the antidote for poor oxygenation is eating iron-rich red meat. But what insures that the iron will be absorbed? Chlorophyll!

Leafy plants (spinach, parsley, cilantro, romaine, chard, collard, kale and all the rest) have a cell structure very similar to red blood cells and have been shown to stimulate red-blood cell production, guaranteeing that the iron has somewhere to go!

And did you know that calorie for calorie, spinach has more protein than steak? So it’s actually better for your blood to eat the green vegetable than to eat the meat.

That brings us to stronger circulation. To be blunt, for either a male or female to reach orgasm, there needs to be a dilation of blood vessels.

Jane Essestyn RN explains that this dilation occurs when nitric oxide is released from the innermost lining of the blood vessels, the endothelium. Greasy foods, including fat-containing meat and dairy products, damage the endothelium within six hours of mealtime, impairing its ability to release nitric oxide.

However, dark greens (and other plant foods, such as fruit and legumes) cleanse and repair the lining, keeping it ready for action! Spinach does it again!

Finally, the healthier you eat, the healthier you look!

And that means a higher self-image and greater confidence.

Let’s get real: how romantic do you feel disrobed with a spare tire around your middle?

But if you have trimmed off a few pound and toned up those muscles, both you and your partner will think you’re more attractive. You can’t gain much weight eating salads and cooked vegetables.

They’re not nearly the calorie load that meat and dairy are – and they contain a whole lot more anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

So grab a can like Popeye and tip it up! And we’ll cheer you on your seventieth anniversary!

For more information on the power of vegetables, visit http://kitchenofhealth.blogspot.com


  1. As easy as this sounds it’s not always as easy as opening up a can of spinach and “tip it up.” My husband doesn’t exactly like anything grean….or fresh…..if its not meat pasta or from a box he’s not eating it! Is there such thing as spinach in a pill? Now that I think about it I’m sure there is but is it as effective? If only this article were the only key to a happy marriage!

  2. When a spouse doesn’t like greens it can be frustrating for the other. Having been there myself at times in my marriage I can relate to where you might be. One suggestion I do have is that you can try a supplement called VitaMineral Greens, http://www.fitmarriage.com/VMG. You could try mixing this product in with a sauce to see how it would taste. Might be a way to get some super greens in.

    As for this post being the only key to a happy marriage that isn’t possible. As married folks we need to be engaging our spouses in all six forms of intimacy. Is it easy, heck no! Been married 15 years now and it will always take effort on both of our parts.


  3. Are you implying that we can survive on just spinach? I think I would be too hungry to even contemplate sex unless I have a good supply of meat and fat as well! However, trusting in your argument, I’ll give it a go.

    • No Clare, we’re not at all implying that eating spinach alone is a good idea. Spinach and other leafy greens should be included as part of a balanced, healthy diet…along with those lean proteins and fats that you mentioned. This will give you the energy for great sex and to enjoy everything else in life.


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