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Here is LeAnn’s story and her 50 Reasons to get fit in her own words:

I’m LeAnn. I think I’m reasonably fit, but I definitely have a ways to go to be optimally fit.

I’ve lost 50 pounds over the past 8 years, and kept it off. I’m at the upper end of ‘healthy’ on the BMI scale. I prefer to weight train, bicycle and walk. I’m married, with 2 daughters, mostly grown.

Here are my 50 Reasons for Getting Fit:

1. to keep my weight down

2. to keep blood pressure down

3. look good for my husband

4. to be a role model for my daughters

5. to be a role model for my clients (personal trainer, group fitness)

6. ability to physically complete my bucket list

7. support part-time bicycle shop employment

8. to increase confidence/self-esteem

9. decrease heart disease risk

10. decrease cancer risk

11. increase bone density

12. look good in a bikini

13. maintain/build muscle mass

14. maintain metabolism rate

15. ability to accomplish activities of daily living (groceries, gardening, etc.)

16. ability to defend myself

17. enjoy hiking vacations with family

18. ability to draw eyes when I enter a room

19. to turn on my husband every time

20. so I can enjoy red wine w/o weight gain

21. to be healthy for future grandkids

22. to feel energetic

23. to be able to enjoy shopping for clothes

24. to accomplish something most think is extreme

25. vanity – to look good for myself

26. to justify sporting good purchases

27. to justify books/audio/education purchases

28. to make my husband proud of me

29. to treat my body as God’s temple

30. to avoid type 2 diabetes

31. to know I did all I could to avoid disease states

32. to avoid major medical bills for my family

33. to not have any constantly needed Rx’s

34. to avoid cold, flu, respiratory illnesses

35. to lessen slight asthma symptoms

36. to accept the challenge to better myself

37. to maintain flexibility

38. to say I completed something (50-mile ride, 13 mile walk, Century ride, etc.)

39. to prevent back pain

40. “Gotta have a massage this week!”

41. to help maintain clear skin

42. donate blood to save lives

43. living pain free

44. keep up with my Father-in-law while baling hay

45. being able to help move furniture

46. able to lead others in group exercise classes

47. that feeling of accomplishment, and fatigue, after a good workout

48. to enjoy quality sleep through the night

49. to inspire others younger than myself!

50. Because I’m worth it!

I am currently involved in a transformation contest online that will provide my weight training workouts throughout April. I love these workouts and will continue with them after the contest.

I have multiple bicycle rides planned for this summer including 34 and 62 milers in June, July and August. Each of these rides has the option of a longer ride if I have the time to train for longer distances!

We’ve also planned a hiking/beach vacation for the fall that will demand some bouldering/hiking skills!

We stay fit together and enjoy the resulting benefits!

If any of LeAnn’s 50 Reasons resonate with you, please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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