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This is the first installment of a new series where we feature YOU, the Fit Marriage community, and your reasons for getting fit.  If you missed Tony’s 50 Reasons post, please check it out.  Then send us your 50 Reasons, along with a brief introduction and your plan to achieve your fitness goals (photo optional), and we’ll feature you here on the site.  Plus, we’ll give you a FREE copy of the Stripped Down e-book just for participating!

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Brad Chaffee is the author of Enemy of Fat, where he has decided to take his health to a new level by writing about his journey. He’s also the author of Enemy of Debt, where he motivates and inspires others to live debt free.

He believes that health and finance take the same level of commitment and resolve to accomplish successfully. He’s currently debt free, and will be working hard to become fat free as well.

He currently lives in the mountains of Central Virginia with his wife and two boys, where he enjoys hiking, photography, and anything that involves time with his family. You can connect with Brad on Twitter at @enemyoffat and @enemyofdebt.

My 50 Reasons to Get Healthy and Lose Weight

  1. To be a great example to my children
  2. To actively participate in my kids activities without strain
  3. To live a long and healthy life
  4. To see my children get married
  5. To be an active part of my grand kids lives
  6. For strength and endurance
  7. To reduce my cholesterol
  8. To get off of cholesterol medication
  9. To reduce my blood pressure to a healthy level
  10. To get off of blood pressure medication
  11. To lessen the likelihood of depression
  12. To help me overcome insomnia
  13. To achieve greater self confidence
  14. To relieve joint aches and pains
  15. To lessen my chance of heart attack and stroke
  16. To strengthen my heart
  17. To show my kids they can achieve anything they put their mind to
  18. To walk into a room without feeling judged
  19. To run competitively in 5K and 10K races
  20. To complete a half marathon (walk/run)
  21. To complete a marathon (walk/run)
  22. To run a competitive race without walking
  23. To encourage and inspire others to lose weight
  24. To give mountain biking a try
  25. To reduce stress
  26. To promote healthy living
  27. To increase sexual intimacy
  28. To build muscle
  29. To form new and healthy habits
  30. To reach and maintain my goal weight of 195 pounds
  31. Increased energy to make it through the day
  32. So my wife will be proud of how I look
  33. To be able to run into old friends without feeling embarrassed
  34. To one day hike the Appalachian trail
  35. To improve and strengthen my shoulder problems
  36. To have a reason to get away from the computer 😀
  37. To be more active in general and less of a couch potato
  38. To become the sexy guy my wife fell in love with
  39. To defeat the voice in my head that says I can’t
  40. To treat my body like a million dollar race horse
  41. To live to be 100 years young
  42. To put an end to my issues with overeating
  43. To eat for nutrition instead of comfort
  44. To make my Doctor proud
  45. To overcome the fear of group activities
  46. To learn the phrase “in moderation”
  47. To be more productive each and every day
  48. To become a Yoga Master! 🙂
  49. To lessen my financial burden due to being unhealthy
  50. To be a positive example and influential Beachbody Coach

I am on a mission to lose weight and feel great. I’m currently in phase one of the popular P90X workout program. I am blogging about my journey and have done everything I can to be as accountable to as many people as possible. I have decided to become a Beachbody Coach where I will not only be held to a new level of accountability, but will also be able to motivate and inspire others to take the same important steps to health and fitness.

Once I complete P90X, I will me giving Fit Marriage’s very own Thrive 90 Fitness program a try. At the end of 2011, my life, my health, and my fitness will be completely renewed. I WILL SUCCEED! 😀

If any of Brad’s 50 Reasons resonate with you, please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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