What Are Your 50 Reasons?

There comes a point in your life when you have to choose to get healthy.

Dustin shared Get Up Off Your Ass to help you get moving.  This change could be physically, mentally, nutritionally, sexually or a number of other areas in your life.

The choice to change is resonating with you, but you may lack motivation, desire, and self-control.

The problem is you quit before you get there.  You don’t have a big enough Why or enough Whys to see you to the end.

It’s time for you to reach your goals, and the way to do it is to have enough “Whys” to see you through.

These are emotional ties that help you get out of bed in the morning to workout, to look sexy or hot for your spouse, or to see your kids grow up and get married.

What is “50 Reasons Why”?

50 Reasons Why is your opportunity to write down all of the emotional ties that you have for making a fitness program work.  And not just for 2 weeks, but for life!

We’re talking about getting motivated to complete the entire program.

You can check out our Thrive90 Fitness Program for busy couples, but if you don’t have 50 Reasons Why you want to get fit, then don’t waste your money.  We want to help folks who are willing to take the time to know why they are going to get physically fit.

We love hearing and sharing success stories, and if you can’t spend 30-60 minutes to really examine why you are purchasing Thrive90, then don’t do it.

Tony’s 50 Reasons Why

My fitness journey as a husband and dad started 8 years ago.  I didn’t write down my Whys back then, but I knew deep down that I wanted to lose 20 lbs and feel healthier for myself and my family.

Today, I’m sharing with you my 50 Reasons Why I get up to workout and ride by bike regularly:

  1. Keep my weight in check (155-162 lbs)
  2. Look good for Alisa
  3. Play indoor football with my son
  4. Dance with my daughter
  5. Feel good about being in bed naked
  6. Have energy for my businesses
  7. Last longer in bed
  8. Raising healthy kids
  9. Walking on the beach in Puerto Rico
  10. Compliments at my 20th high school reunion
  11. Share my experience with others
  12. Complete the Super Spartan Race
  13. Running on the beach
  14. Taking walks with Alisa
  15. Finishing the Solvang Double Century
  16. Having 6-Pack Abs
  17. Seeing my kids get married
  18. Being an active Nonno (Grandfather) when the time comes
  19. Keeping the lights on during sex
  20. Visit the doctor for only my yearly checkup
  21. Caring for my folks when they are older
  22. Not being a burden on my kids when I get older
  23. Cycling into old age
  24. Hiking parts of the Pacific Crest Trail with the family
  25. Flexible body for optimal health
  26. Ability to workout with Alisa
  27. Encourage others to be physically healthy & to have healthy marriages
  28. Continue to donate blood to save lives
  29. Volunteer in my community
  30. Trying out new positions in the bedroom
  31. Feel vibrant and alive
  32. Fend off sickness and illness
  33. Seeing the kids graduate from High School
  34. Encouraging them and helping them start their own businesses
  35. Playing video games with my son
  36. Wrestling when it’s 2-on-1 and losing to the kids
  37. Hugs from my daughter that last forever
  38. Hearing “You look hot!” from my wife
  39. Keeping up when a hard pace ensues while riding with the guys
  40. Achieving my dreams (thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2000, 9 double centuries in 3 years)
  41. Raising funds doing an event for specific organizations
  42. Smile on peoples faces when they achieve their own goals
  43. Running a 5k with the family
  44. Taking on new adventures
  45. Knowing I’m not killing myself with crap food
  46. Don’t want to repeat my family history (grandma died at 57 due to being overweight & many issues)
  47. Building a community of like-minded folks who want to spread a message of fitness & marriage
  48. Living pain free
  49. For you
  50. For Him

It’s time for you to write down your Whys.

Get a sheet of paper and start writing your emotional reasons for getting and/or being fit.  Don’t stop!

Now put this up where you can see it each and every day.  Put these Whys on post-it-notes, 3×5 cards, on anything that reminds you of why you are making a change in your life.

You can achieve the goals you have set out for yourself by knowing your Reasons Why…let’s do this!


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