Top 20 Fitness & Wellness Blogs to Get You Rockin’ in 2011

We want 2011 to be your best year yet, and we naturally believe that focusing on improving your health is a key to getting it done.  While we hope our own blog posts and the expert interviews we share through The Fit Marriage Show are super helpful, we want to share with you the best fitness resources available online.

So, welcome to the inaugural Fit Marriage Top 20 Fitness & Wellness Blogs!

Check out each of these fantastic resources, and share your favorites (including those that missed the list) in the comments below.

20. TRX Suspension Training

There are many ways to workout and then there is the TRX Suspension Training way. Utilizing these “suspension cables” takes any workout to the next level.  It’s not that you are working out harder, but now all of your core is having to work while doing each exercise. The community is amazing and their adding TRX TV Jan 12th.

19. Kettle Bell Workouts

Kettlebells are a fantastic way for an athlete to focus on whole-body conditioning because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Chris Lopez with is a husband, dad to 5 girls, and is making fitness happen in his busy life.

18. Mohr Results

The dynamic duo of Dr. Chris & Dr. Kara Mohr are America’s Weight Loss Experts and make up Mohr Results.  Their combined years of knowledge is mind blowing and will benefit any couple looking to learn more and implement a nutritious way of living.

17. The Abs Expert

The fascination with having 6-pack abs goes back many, many years.  Scott Colby, The Abs Expert, is a real down to earth guy sharing hit tips on exercises, nutrition, and his love for travel.  Our favorites are his quick and effective workout videos.  Go check them out!

16. The Diet Solution

Isabel De Los Rios is the “go to girl” when it comes to learning how you can make changes to your nutrition that will actually work.  The Diet Solution is a wealth of information with recipes, videos, and numerous articles that will help you shed the weight you desire.

15. Barefoot Runner

Are you a runner?  Have you done a 5k, 10k or marathon?  Have you done it barefoot? There is a movement toward running barefoot.  If you’re one of the many leaning this way, look no further than Barefootrunner.  You’ll find all the tips, questions and answers you need to be on your way to running or walking barefoot.

14. Fat Loss Quickie

Want to lose fat and get fit within your busy schedule?  Look no further than Scott & Angie Tousignant with Fat Loss Quickie.  These two have done it all and have learned the secrets to quick and effective workouts that you can do in 10 minutes a day.

13. Fat Burning Furnace

The knowledge and insights you’ll find at the Fat Burning Furnace are from a regular guy/husband (Rob) and gal/wife (Kalen).  Rob was overweight, unhappy with life and then he did it…he lost 42 lbs and 10 inches off his waist.  If you want to make that change to your life and intimacy check these two out!

12. Double Edged Fat Loss

Learn from the doctor, Dr. Kareem.  Dr. K shares his years of studying and wealth of information to help you lose fat and strengthen joints in the fastest way possible.  His videos are a great resource for anyone wanting to reach the next step in their personal development.  If this is you, the Double Edged Fat-Loss is a resource you should check out.

11. No Meat Athlete

Matt Frazier created the site No Meat Athlete to chronicle his experiences using a vegetarian diet to fuel his long-distance running.  The blog has become a popular source of information for both endurance training and meatless nutrition, and Matt’s open and honest style make each new post a pleasure to learn from, even if you have no plans to become a vegetarian.

10. Wellness Break Radio

There is lots of information on eating right, but there are few places where you can go to get the inside scoop.  Wellness Break Radio does just this, and it’s presented as a high-quality podcast.  They cut through the fluff and give you the meat so that you can live a healthier and more vibrant life.

9. Raw Foods Witch

If you are looking to lose weight, feel more energetic or address digestive problems, there’s a good chance you could benefit from eating more raw foods.  Whether you are new to the idea of raw foods or a seasoned pro, you will find lots of great posts, recipes and products aimed at helping you go raw from Nathalie Lussier at the Raw Foods Witch.

8. Tom Terwilliger

Tom Terwilliger is the author of the 7 Rules of Achievement and is the President of Coaching Leadership Excellence. Tom’s unique background as a former Mr. America and longtime Fox Sports Net fitness TV show host has allowed him the opportunity to reach and impact the lives of millions of people with his message of high achievement through strengthening mind, body and will.  Be sure to check out everything Tom is sharing to help you achieve more in fitness and life at his blog at

7. Cross Fit Journal

Many of you have heard of Cross Fit from your friends or maybe you are part of a Cross Fit gym in your area.  The Cross Fit Journal is a chronicle of the empirically driven, clinically tested, and community developed CrossFit program.  Jump on over to read the many excellent blog posts, listen to the weekly podcast and interact with some of the finest Cross Fitters around.

6. Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb is the founder and “Rebel Leader” of and creator of the Rebel Fitness Guide.  Nerd Fitness provides lots of fitness information and motivation from a really unique perspective.  In addition to solid exercise and nutrition advice, you’ll find Steve writing about his love for gaming, lots of references to movies, and how you can pursue your passions while traveling the world.

5. The Renegade Health Show

Look no further than The Renegade Health Show for a fun and informative daily health show that is changing the perception of health.  This isn’t your typical show, but one where Kevin Gianni, founder of TRHS, believes that learning about health and nutrition can be done in a fun and friendly way.

4. Zen to Fitness

Balancing life with health and fitness should go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, there are many times in our lives when they don’t.  Zen to Fitness will share with you how you can live a healthy, physically fit life in the real world.

3. Mark’s Daily Apple

Are you an active person, but maybe you’re not sure how to be healthy in the simplest and most natural way possible.  Mark’s Daily Apple is the place where you can follow the direction of our evolutionary biology for optimal health.  We’ve been using Mark’s book Primal Blueprint and loving the recipes.

2. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss became famous as the author of the best-seller The 4-Hour Workweek.  However, Tim’s true passion is health and fitness and his new book The 4-Hour Body takes this passion to an extreme by chronicling over three years of physical experiments that Tim performed on himself in an effort to find the best ways to lose fat, gain muscle, have incredible sex and become superhuman.  If you are interested in any of Tim’s “Experiments in Lifestyle Design,” be sure to check out The Blog of Tim Ferriss.

Check out the trailer for The 4-Hour Body, very cool:

1. Zen Habits

Sometimes in our busy lives we just need to slow down and simplify.  We want to lose weight, we want to get fit, we want to finish a 5k, and the list goes on.  At Zen Habits, you’ll learn that it’s time to smile, breathe and go slowly.  Do these three every day and watch your life change.

Please Share Your Favorites!

With all of the fantastic fitness and wellness blogs on the web, we had a tough time picking our top 20.  And I’m sure there are many others that we’ve missed.  Please take a few minutes to share your favorite fitness blogs in the comments below.


  1. Great list, definitely worth a post on I Am Fit. I”m a big fan of ZenHabits too, good “cure for this crazy life” philosophy on all fronts. Thanks guys.

  2. Great list, definitely worth a post on I Am Fit. I”m a big fan of ZenHabits too, good “cure for this crazy life” philosophy on all fronts. Thanks guys.

  3. Very solid list! I’m proud to say I’ve trolled many these sites for years.

  4. I’m sitting down to read The Four Hour Body after this post, so I’m honored and excited to be on this list with awesome athletes and wellness experts. 🙂

  5. Maybe next year Health Habits will make the list

  6. I highly recommend Healthy, Happy Living at Check it out!

  7. I really like Zen Habits, and I have worked together with Mark putting together a health fair…Mark is GREAT. I don’t know if I like Tim Ferris’ approach to “hacking” fitness however. I just think a lot of the stuff he does isn’t healthy in the long run and cuts a lot of corners….just my $.02

    • Thanks Joe! It’s cool to hear you know Mark – I’ve recently been “living Primal” and totally loving it.


  8. Awesome list, thank you very much!!

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