The FINAL Call (An Update On Our Fit & Busy Life Solution)

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend . . .

We spent yesterday doing our annual family trip to go “pick” pumpkins.

Naturally, our son wanted the biggest pumpkin on the farm, our baby girl grabbed the smallest one she could find…and our precious middle daughter insisted on finding a square pumpkin.

Yes, that was a challenge…

Over the years, as the number of children has grown, this trip gets a little tougher to manage, but it is always an awesome time to bond as a family (even when bonding sometimes sounds like whining and fighting).

But I have such fond memories of carving pumpkins with my grandparents, so each year we make the trek so they can have the same wonderful memories. I’m sure these years are numbered. All in all, I like Halloween and I especially love how October always starts to really feel like fall here in the Midwest.

Anyway, here’s . . .

An Update On Our Fit & Busy Life Solution

On Tuesday, I wrote a post asking if there were any busy folks out there who’d be interested in a complimentary “Fit & Busy Life Resource Kit” that I’m THINKING about making.

I didn’t want to make this thing if you didn’t want it . . . so I made an interest list to gauge the interest. (If enough people joined the interest list, I promised myself I’d make the kit).

Well . . . um . . .  enough people joined.

So I’m going to make the complimentary resource kit. If you’re on the interest list, you’ll be getting it this week.

The Final Call

Starting tomorrow, only people on the “Fit & Busy Interest List” will receive insider information on our upcoming Fit & Busy Life Solution and receive the free resource kit.

(Some people on our email list and blog are only here for standard fitness advice, not because they’re potentially interested in this new approach to family-first fitness . . . so I want to be considerate of them and make sure that they don’t get bombarded with information they don’t want or need).

So if you want to get the resource kit that’s coming out this week, and the all the good stuff I’ve got coming your way, I highly suggest you join the “Fit & Busy Interest List” by entering your email address below now:


That’s It For Now

Well, I’m off to figure out how to carve a square pumpkin!

But rest assured that if you’re on the “Fit & Busy Interest List” I’ll be hooking you up with lots of great help and information . . .

. . . and if you’re NOT potentially interested in this new approach to fitness and health (and aren’t on the list) then, starting next week, you’ll continue to receive usual fitness tips. And emails about this new project will die down.

Have fun and let go on Halloween this year with your kids! We will be trick-or-treating alongside Harry Potter, Snow White and a little fairy riding along in a wagon.

In your service,



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