It’s Official: The Fit Marriage Show is Now a Podcast!

Check out The Fit Marriage Show PodcastIt’s an exciting day for us, and we now have a good answer to one of the most common questions we get here on Fit Marriage – yes, we do have a podcast for you to subscribe to. 🙂

We just got notification from Apple that The Fit Marriage Show was approved to become an official iTunes podcast!

Through the recording of our first 8 episodes and well beyond in our planning for future guests and topics, creating a podcast has been a big goal.

We know that this adds the potential to reach thousands of busy, on-the-go folks with our message of the importance of leading a fit lifestyle so you can enjoy a thriving life…and how to achieve it when you’re already strapped for time.

More importantly, this provides you with a super-convenient way to enjoy the show where we interview top fitness experts, highlight success stories from real couples (you could be a guest), and share insights gained from our community here at Fit Marriage.  We hope that this podcast format will give you a tool to listen in when you are on the go to learn and be inspired in your own fitness journey.

You can check out the show and subscribe via iTunes by clicking below:

You’re probably familiar with the podcast idea, but if not it’s basically a super-easy way to stay up-to-date with an audio program (we’ll add a video podcast later) that you enjoy.  You sign up in iTunes, and it takes care of downloading new programs and keeping all of your content up-to-date.

All you have to do is plug in your iPhone, iPod or other device and your favorite shows are right there automatically!

We Need Your Help…Please!

We definitely appreciate your ongoing support of the various things we have going on with Fit Marriage.  And we have one very important request if you would like to support this podcast idea.   Can you do us a huge favor and go subscribe to the podcast?   Click here to visit our podcast page, please!

When you get to that page, just click “See in iTunes” and it will open up in the iTunes program where you can choose to “Subscribe for Free” on the left side.

If you have listened to The Fit Marriage Show previously, it would be awesome if you could also click the “5 star” rating and leave a short review comment.   Apple uses this early activity in the life of a podcast to help rank different shows and select a few for their “New and Noteworthy” featured area.  Obviously, this is super important to getting noticed and growing our podcast audience.

Thanks so much for your help, and we hope you enjoy the new PODCAST!


  1. Cool! I was able to subscribe to TFMS in itunes a few days ago and downloaded all of the podcasts.

  2. Congrats! This is so cool 🙂

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