3 Keys to Staying Motivated for Fitness

Stay Motivated in FitnessInternal motivation is the biggest factor in determining if you are going to reach the physical results you desire or fizzle out.

Over the 15+ years that I have been working out and cycling I have gone through many periods where my motivation to be healthy and stay healthy peaked.  There have been other times when getting out of bed to do a workout or go for a ride is tough.

There are three keys that I have used to jump start my motivation when it wanes and to also keep me going when I’m feeling great.

1. Set goals with positive rewards at the end.

This has to be something that gets you going every day.  A positive reward can have an emotional tie like cancer, high blood pressure or heart attacks running in your family and knowing that by staying physically fit you will be around for your kids.

Some other goals that can trigger an emotional response include:

  • Losing 2 inches around your waist
  • Getting fit and trim for an upcoming reunion or family event
  • Decreasing cholesterol levels
  • Attaining a healthy check up for your next doctors visit
  • Completing a 5k or 10k walk/run

Whatever it is, it has to be something that gets you excited.  No one can choose the goal for you.  It’s all up to you.  The goal needs to be short and easy to attain.   Within a 12-week program, you may have 2 or 3 small goals that can be reached on the way to satisfying an ultimate goal.  If you like this approach, I’d encourage you to take a moment and write down one long-term goal (12 weeks), one intermediate goal (6 weeks) and one short-term goal (3 weeks).

Write down the specific date when you will reach each goal and the reward you are going to give yourself for attaining it.  Write these down somewhere where you can see them everyday.   Some possibilities are on sticky notes in the bathroom, on your computer screen, etc.

You can do this together as a husband and wife.  What a wonderful way for the two of you to support each other, which leads us to Key #2…

2. Social Support

Individuals who put themselves in the right environment are more likely to succeed with their fitness goals than those who do not.

Do you have a support group around you that pushes you to be the best that you can be?

Have you and your spouse completed Key #1 to provide the support you need for each other?

Are you looking for a group that can help you with you physical fitness goals?  If so, get hooked up with Fit Marriage on our Facebook page or connect with us on Twitter.   We are here to encourage you and help you along.

Your social support group is going to change over time, and yes this might mean you have others that help motivate you other than your spouse.  Alisa and I encourage each other, push each other, and support one another.  But, I also have a group of guys that I ride with that keep me going as well.

Find that social group and then move on to Key #3…

3. Believe in Yourself!

This comes from the inside and repeating to yourself, “I’m going to succeed no matter what!” When I was 40 pounds overweight, it was tough to say that to myself, I’ll be honest.   As the weeks passed and I was losing weight, gaining muscle, stamina and energy, it became easier.  

It is time to draw a line in the sand. You can do this.  Repeat after me, “I’m doing this, I’m making this happen, I believe in myself!”

Ask your spouse for encouragement during this time as you break free of the chains that have held you down.  It’s time to motivate yourself to a healthier you!

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