15 Ways You And Your Spouse Can Get Motivated To Exercise

The best part about being in a truly loving and committed relationship is knowing that you will never be alone.

Your partner will always be there, supporting you and loving you even when your waistline expands and your largest pair of underwear no longer fit.

The downside, however, is obvious. Where there is too much comfort and support, there is hardly any real motivation to affect major and positive change. Luckily, however, couples can still find strong reasons to start hitting the weights, pounding the pavement or throwing a few standing squats.

Following are 15 ways you and your spouse can get motivated to exercise right now.

Do It Together
Stop trying to fight the battle alone and start exercising together several times each week. If one person is feeling tired and motivated, odds are the other one will be able to incite action.

Bring Them Out

Roll out every piece of exercise equipment that you have ever purchased in the past. Taking stock of all the items that have been hidden in closets, attics and under beds should inspire the two of you to start taking advantage of these investments.

Plan A Trip
Start planning a trip to an exotic location that will require the two of you to wear little more than barely-there swimwear and sunblock. The excitement of going somewhere new mingled with the fear of walking around nearly naked can be a very strong motivator indeed.

Join A Team
Sign-up for a couples softball league or make plans to play couples tennis with friends. Staying active will help you to burn fat and calories without feeling as though you are actually working out.

Meet For Lunch
If you happen to work in close proximity to one another, start meeting at lunch to take a leisurely stroll. You can get your exercising done early, spend quality time together and still have time to enjoy a sandwich or salad at your desk.

Take Up A New Sport
Maybe the two of you have not been able to commit to a regular exercise program simply because it did not possess sufficient intrigue. Consider taking up a high-energy and adventurous activity like rock-climbing or surfing instead.

Cancel Car Insurance
Take one of your household vehicles permanently off the road. This will make it necessary to start commuting by other means. The two of you can start biking or walking into work on alternate days, with one person still being able to make a quick pick-up of the other when inclement weather arises.

This will allow you to save cash, spare the environment and tighten and tone your physique all at once.

Take Up Dancing
Get full body-conditioning by signing up for a dance class together. This is a great way to learn more about your partner and to start making a spectacular impression on others when attending events where deejays are present.

Reward Each Other

Each time the two of your remain consistent in your workouts, you can each purchase the other a small surprise. This can be a lot more fun than simply treating yourself.

Take one day every week to indulge in some of your favorite foods and pastimes. Implementing a weight loss routine often means spending less time in a favorite chair and indulging in fewer fried foods and decadent desserts. Eat heartily in your beloved recliner just once per week, but only if you stick to your workout program.

Post A Chart
Create a chart that documents your minutes spent in physical training. Give each other gold stars for never missing a session.

Photo Albums
Pulling through old photos will help to remind you both of how fit and fabulous you once were. Nothing is as inspirational as a photographic image of a thinner, fitter you.

Join A Gym
Working out alongside a bunch of hard-bodies will certainly get you pumped, especially if you see your significant other trying hard to not ogle while standing on the treadmill.

Pole Dance
Put a stripper pole in your bedroom. The two of you can learn moves for putting on shows for one another. This is a great way to build upper body and abdominal strength.

Pay Yourselves

Each time the two of you drop pounds, stash some money aside for something that you have always wanted to do.

Plan To Shop
Plan a shopping spree together so that you can both get new wardrobes once you reach your goal weights.

Plan A Photoshoot

Get ready to take boudoir pictures for one another. As the big day nears you will both work harder to look your best.

Buy Sexy Clothes
Although the two of you invariably know every freckle, dimple, divot and blemish on each other’s bodies, there is nothing that can make partners feel as self-conscious in front of one another as skin-tight, sheer or barely-there bedroom wear and costumes.

Not only will a new negligee or other sexy outfit inspire you to drop pounds fast so that you can look your best while wearing it, but it will also have the added benefit of giving you both something to look forward to on the day of the big reveal.

Love And Support
When all else fails, it is important to remember to emotionally support one another. All of the store-bought rewards and miniscule pairs of hot pants in the world can never outdo good old-fashioned love when it comes to keeping a person motivated. Best of all, kind words could lead to physical exercise of the very best kind!

If you’re looking for a step-by-step plan to find the time and motivation to get back on track in your fitness, be sure to check out our 30-day blueprint Happy, Healthy and Hot.

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