Take That Hot Body to the Bedroom!

That’s right! Over the past 10 weeks Alisa, my lovely wife, has been pushing herself to have a toned and sexy body for our vacation to Puerto Rico.

Everyday, I’ll wake up to her in our living room pushing her body to the limit so that she can feel confident wearing her bikini as we walk along the white sandy beaches.  She has spent hours in our living room shedding fat, strengthening her core, and toning her muscles.

Boy has it shown!

Her arm muscles are solid and sexy to me.  As she shows me her “guns,” I will have to say that I get excited. Not because I want to have sex (OK I get a little excited about that), but because she has so much confidence in herself.

So, how will all that hard work translate into deeper intimacy in our marriage?

Sharing the Sexiness with Your Spouse

Here are 3 ways that you and your spouse can share in each others accomplishments as you lose weight, tone up, and strengthen your bodies.

1. Dress it up. Go out and purchase something fun and exciting to turn your spouse on.  Guys this is for you, too. Purchase a tight white t-shirt and wear it with some fitted jeans.  Gals, wear that piece of lingerie that you wouldn’t before. Flaunt how your bodies look…you’ve earned it!

2. Leave the lights on! Instead of turning off the lights, leave them on so that your spouse and you can look at each other and enjoy the lean physical bodies you have built.

3. Try a new position…or two or three. You’ve shed the weight, your muscles are toned, and your flexibility is better than ever.  It’s time to stop having sex missionary-style every time and explore different positions that the both of you enjoy.

Utilizing the 3 tips above will surely take your level of  sexual intimacy to another level.  It will have a positive impact on you, your spouse, and your marriage.

Keep up your fitness pursuits, and you’ll enjoy the living room workouts…and those in the bedroom, too. 🙂


  1. I agree with you on that. A hot body for both couples will ensure that the passion continues in the bedroom. Just make sure you have padded bedheads to avoid a concussion. There is always the helmet for the kinky husband.


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