Getting in Shape with the Insanity Fit Test

insanity fit test

The Insanity fitness program is intended for individuals who have the muscle mass, fitness, and agility required to perform high-intensity moves. Please consult with your physician before attempting the Insanity Fit Test.

If you’re married, you already know how tough it is when you have to spend time apart to achieve your fitness goals. You both have busy schedules, demanding jobs, and possibly even kids; time together is precious! However, staying fit is also important for your health and happiness. It’s a tough balancing act, but that’s no reason to give up.

If you and your partner have fallen off the fitness bandwagon recently and you’re looking for a way to take your performance back to peak athleticism, Insanity’s high-intensity combination of cardio, plyometrics, and calisthenics will provide the challenge you’re looking for. As an added bonus, the Insanity program can be completed in your living room in less than thirty minutes per day; there’s no need to invest in a gym membership when you’ve got access to a program that will challenge every muscle in your body and give you fast, incredible results.

The Insanity Fit Test is a great way to see if you’re ready to begin the Insanity workout program. You only need to master 8 dynamic moves and spend 25 minutes to feel your whole body burn. You’re guaranteed to work up a healthy sweat, so grab a towel and let’s look at the 8 moves that make up the Insanity Fit Test.

Remember to use your best muscle control here, and focus on form. The number of reps you can achieve will increase with time, but preventing injury will allow you to stay consistent, and staying consistent is staying strong.

Switch Kicks
A standing move that combines high kicks with jumping, this move will target your legs and lower abdominals.

Squat Jacks
These high-intensity cousins of jumping jacks combine that classic with a deep sumo squat. Your glutes and quads will be exhausted after just one minute of these bad boys.

Power Knees
Begin this move standing, and lean forward slightly. Keeping your spine straight, shift your weight onto one leg. Bring the opposite leg up to your chest as quickly as you can, and then lower it down for the slightest touch you can manage. Repeat for 30 seconds. Your glutes will tell you that they’re dying, but they’re lying. You can do this. You asked your doctor, right?

Power Jumps
This simple move will have you begging for mercy. Jump up as high and fast as you can. Slap your knees at the apex of your jump, and land on your forefoot in a strong squat position. Repeat for one full minute. This will work your whole lower body, from toes to core.

Globe Jumps
This one might remind you of hopscotch. You are going to jump right, then back, to the left, and forward, your movements tracing an invisible square. The tricky part is, you’re going to reach down and touch the floor after each hop. One full square is one rep. This move works your whole body.

Suicide Jumps
These jumps are so named because it seems the most commonly-uttered phrase after doing a full minute of these is, “I just want to die.” If that phrase sparks the competitive spirit in your core, this is the workout for you.

This jump, commonly called a burpee, begins in the plank pose, transitions into mountain pose, then back to plank, all in a fluid series of motions. Suicide jumps work your whole body.

Push-up Jacks
These are jumping jacks taken to the max. The hybrid offspring of the plank, the pushup, and the jumping jack, this move requires proficiency in all three before it can even be attempted.

You’ll begin in plank, then move your feet out to the sides, stopping 18-24 inches apart. Perform a push-up, simultaneously bringing your feet back together. From above, it would look like jumping jacks, but from the side, it looks like push-ups and planks. These killers work your chest and arms, but also tone your core and legs.

Low Plank Obliques
This second plank move is the final move in the Insanity Fit Test. You’re still in plank at the beginning, then you want to bring one knee up to the arm that’s on the same side. Left knee comes up to left arm, right knee up to right arm, alternating like a superhero climbing a building. Keep your core as engaged as you can; this move will work all the deepest core muscles, but your obliques are going to get hit hardest.

If you and your spouse want to elevate your fitness to elite levels, then contact us to get started on The Insanity Fit Test. This is the workout to bring out your competitive spirit and add the zest and spice your indoor workouts need.

Say goodbye to boring sets of 10 and max reps of 8; this dynamic workout will challenge every muscle in your body in just 25 minutes.

Remember, if you have time to check your social media or watch a sitcom, you have time to invest in the body you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t let another year go by while you wait on the sidelines, pushing your personal fitness goals to the back burner to make room for everything else in your life. You both deserve to live life as your best selves, and it starts right now.

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