Components of a Healthy, Sexy Marriage

healthy sexy marriage

With marriage rates in the United States steadily declining, the number of people married today is at an all-time low. Though some people may think that this is proof of an actual decline in marriage rates, it may just be that Gen Xers and Millennials are waiting until later in life to get married. It’s clear that people still have the desire to be part of a committed couple, but for some, simply cohabiting is what suits them. A smaller part of the population may never get married because they fear the pain and heartbreak that a relationship can bring, or marriage simply may not interest them.

There are plenty of people who do still go the traditional route, complete with a ring, wedding reception, and a cluster of family and friends to witness their union. Whether married or in a loving, monogamous relationship, many committed couples strive for a deeper level of connection. For those who desire a deep connection with their spouse or significant other, there are essential elements needed to cultivate a healthy, sexy marriage in today’s fast-paced world.


At the core of nearly every human being is a desire to belong and to connect, through relationships with family members, friends, and/or significant others. A strong connection is often the basis for other elements in a relationship such as a listening ear, affirmation, compassion, understanding, and transparency. When several of these elements are missing, a relationship can begin to experience difficulty. Both individuals in the relationship must share the desire to connect or else a relationship can fall apart.

healthy sexy marriage


An understanding of another’s values, thoughts, opinions, and desires is the key to foundational respect in a relationship. True respect for the qualities in your partner may have you looking forward to him or her returning home each night and will hopefully lead you to grow in your admiration for that person. Sometimes, one or both of the partners in a relationship make mistakes, which can cause respect to be lost. A growth of new respect may be established if a partner withstands a trial, works at repairing the damage that he or she caused, or begins to make better choices. When a marriage seems like it’s not going to last, a rekindled respect may be exactly the food that the flower needs.


A solid relationship that has elements such as commitment, connection and respect will naturally foster a stronger feeling of trust in both individuals. If betrayal does occur, chances are good that there was a weakened link somewhere along the way. When trust is lost, both partners have to actively pursue rebuilding that trust, especially if they want the relationship to last. Typically, both partners have some part in the breaking of trust, often one more than the other, but it’s important that both individuals understand how the connection was severed. The process to form a trusting relationship requires open honesty, transparency, vulnerability, and true, deep understanding of the other person. Forming and repairing a trusting relationship is challenging, but in the end, it will be a blessing.

healthy sexy marriage


Though many people relate intimacy to sex, intimacy is not only characterized by a physical closeness. Again, vulnerability, openness and honesty are ways in which two partners can be intimate. Sometimes, it takes sharing the deepest feelings in the heart to bring two people to a point of intimacy. The vulnerability in sex makes it absolutely necessary that both people completely trust each other. Giving of yourself to another person, so that the two of you become one, can be extremely difficult for one or both partners, especially if there are hurt feelings from the past that need to be dealt with.


A relationship must be based on more than just connection and emotions because both can be fleeting. Some people shy away from commitment; they are afraid of the work and dedication that it requires. In a potential marital relationship, commitment is key, which is normally why two people will get married – to show commitment. Commitment is a complete acceptance of the other person, even with all of his or her flaws.

These are only five of the essential components of a healthy, sexy marriage, but there are several more that are absolutely crucial in a successful relationship. A relationship is always a work in progress; both people are growing individually while also maturing together, especially in a marriage. Communication between you and your partner is necessary to keep things open and honest. Relationships can be a challenge to build and cultivate, but with these key components, an essential bond can be established and maintained.


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