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Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT

Holly Rigsby is the mother of two and author of Fit Yummy Mummy. She is considered America’s #1 Busy Mom Fat Loss Expert. She specializes in helping moms get their bodies back and fit into their sexy clothes and skinny jeans once again.

What you’ll learn from Holly:

  • 5 nutrition tips Holly uses herself to achieve a flat tummy.
  • Superfoods that will help kick your metabolism and energy into high gear.
  • How to prepare for daily snacks when you’re running kids to school & practices, working and more.
  • The 3 BEST body shaping moves you can do TODAY to get the body you want.
  • Holly’s favorite method for losing belly fat.
  • Using resistance & interval training to boost your workout.
  • How to find a cardio activity you enjoy.
  • How staying fit improves physical intimacy.
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Tom Terwilliger

Tom Terwilliger is the author of the 7 Rules of Achievement and is the President of Coaching Leadership Excellence. Tom’s unique background as a former Mr. America and longtime Fox Sports Net fitness TV show host has allowed him the opportunity to reach and impact the lives of millions of people with his message of high achievement through strengthening mind, body and will. Tom is also co-founder of a personal growth and development training program designed to move you from where you are to where you want to be in one giant leap of faith… Experience THE LEAP.

What you’ll learn from Tom:

  • Why your mindset is crucial to achieving your fitness goals.
  • What it means to strengthen your “will.”
  • The first step to take when you want to achieve a big goal, like losing weight.
  • How to make goal setting more effective.
  • How to stay motivated for the long haul.
  • Specific tips to avoid falling back into old habits.
  • How to stay on track when your life is full of unexpected interference that comes with a busy life.
  • How the 7 Rules of Achievement will help you achieve success in all areas of your life.
  • What the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is and how it can profoundly impact your achievement.
  • Specific methods for improving self-confidence.
  • The two most important elements that must be in place to achieve just about any objective.
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