Why Working Out at Home vs the Gym Might be Right for You

working out at home vs the gymYour mental images of working out are most likely set at the gym or out on the trail. However, with a set of free weights and careful attention to form, your home can be the perfect place for you to get stronger, leaner, and healthier.

For married couples, working out at home offers benefits that can extend beyond fitness. Here are four reasons why working out at home might be just the boost your relationship needs.

1. Connect Differently, Consistently
When couples work out together, they’re connecting physically, but not sexually. Sometimes connection can stagnate in a marriage; if you’re connecting only verbally and sexually, you’re missing out on an opportunity to experience the electrical charge that comes from accomplishing physical challenges together. Whether you’re competing to beat your personal bests for the chest press or pushing each other to do just one more set of squats, the emotional and mental high from working out feels even better when you’re helping each other succeed.

2. Wear What You Want–Or Don’t
In addition to keeping a couple’s connection at its best, a home workout program also gives you the option to choose your clothing based solely on your own comfort level without fear of any judging eyes. Having a second wardrobe just for the gym can be a hindrance for some people, while others practically live in their active wear. Whether you’ve got enough yoga pants to outfit your own class, or you spend all day in office wear, working out at home can be a freeing experience.

Since you’re working out with your spouse, you may also find that in this situation, wearing less can add a whole new dimension to everything from floor work to chest presses.

3. Live Longer, Love Longer
By now, we’ve all heard that if we want to live longer and remain healthy into our golden years, we must be physically active. You only have to invest 30 minutes 5 days per week to see returns in your mood, energy levels, quality of sleep, and confidence levels.

Exercise boosts blood flow, too, which translates directly into improved sexual response in both men and women. Men who work out have lower rates of erectile dysfunction, and women who work out can find it easier to become aroused. Combine that with the improved mood and better sleep you can expect to experience when you work out consistently, and it’s easy to understand why couples who work out, whether together or separately, are more likely to be having satisfying sex lives at any age.

4. Save Money to Spend Money
While it wouldn’t be true to say that those who invest in a gym membership are wasting their money, it is true that if you can purchase a quality set of free weights and use them consistently on your own, you can save an impressive amount of money by doing so.

Gym memberships can vary greatly in cost, with some no-frills gyms costing as little as $10/month and higher-end facilities charging as much as $100 per month. Let’s say that you and your spouse decide to work out at home instead of going to the gym, and you manage to save even $40 per month by doing so.

Without even considering the cost of gasoline to and from the gym, the specialty workout gear, and the marked-up protein bar and bottle of water you might pick up at the gym’s snack bar, you’re going to have an extra $480 per year to spend however you choose! Do you want to have a weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast? Or maybe you’d like to get more extravagant on your anniversary gifts.

However you decide to spend this extra cash, it’s important to realize that saving money by working out at home means you can spend more money on something you really want. Consider only paying yourselves this “bonus” cash if you are consistent with your workouts. Each month that you make your health a priority, stash a little more cash into your fun fund. The added incentive may just be the motivation you need to stay active!


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