Should I Workout When I’m Sick?

Recently, one of the participants of our Thrive90 Fitness program wrote in seeking advice about how to know when you should workout if you’re feeling sick.

This is a common question this time of year, so we thought we would share our answer here for everyone’s benefit.

What do I do when I am sick? We were doing great for the first 3 weeks on Thrive90 and now I have a terrible head cold. My husband has been following this program with me, and he’ll probably end up with it next. I don’t want to lose all the ground we’ve gained over the last few weeks.


Thanks for contacting us about where you are with Thrive90.  It’s great to hear that you two are getting into it, but we understand where you are right now with the dreaded head cold.

I’ve been through this many times over the years, from being really sick to minor colds.  I want you to know that you won’t lose everything you’ve gained thus far if you recover properly.

Tips to help you determine whether you should workout:

1. If you can’t see straight and your body hurts, don’t workout! You are doing more harm than good in this situation and setting back your recovery.

2. If you feel mediocre, but not 100%, you can do a modified workout. Less reps and intensity. Don’t push too hard during the full-body routines, or go for a walk instead of completing a high intensity workout.

3. If you decide to take some days off to recover, make sure you continue with your nutrition plan. Remember – 80% of your results tie directly back to your nutrition. Plus, eating a good, wholesome diet will help you feel better and fight off your illness quicker as well.

Please note that I’ve taken anywhere from 7 days to 14 days off at times because of a particularly nasty illness.  The key thing is to get back into it once you felt better and not let a temporary setback derail all the great work you are doing.  Make sure you get back to the full Thrive90 routines once you are recovered, and crank it from there!

We hope this helps you as you continue on your journey toward a happier and healthier you!

If you have any other questions along the way or need more information on this or any other topic, please let us know.  We’re here to help you succeed.

To your success!


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