New Year Fat Burning Workouts Interval Circuit

Here’s a cool 30-30 Fat Burning Workouts Interval Circuit with 4 unusual exercises.  These are all bodyweight exercises, so you can do it anyplace/anytime.  Do this endurance circuit with your spouse and share in the enjoyment of losing weight, getting fit, and feeling great!

You’ll do each exercise for 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds before going to the next movement.  After the 4 exercises, you’ll then do a 1 minute cardio.  Perform 2-3 straight rounds of this circuit for a great 15-minute fat burning workouts.

The movements are:

Suicide Planks

Lateral Lunges

Jab Punches

180 Degree Jumps

Try it out and make sure you hit the Like button above.

I’ve been using My Interval Trainer Android App for all of my interval training and really do like it.  The great thing is that once you set up everything you are off and running.  There is a voice commanding you when it is time for a high intensity interval and then the low intensity interval.  Pick it up today!

How do you feel after that Endurance Circuit?


  1. I use the gymboss programmable interval timer app for my iPhone. It has pre-programmed timers or you can enter your own.

    • Thanks for sharing the app Jamie. I figured there was one out there that folks were using. Here’s a link for those of you who are interested in the Gymboss App.

  2. Nice! Like this one also guys. I especially like the jab punches! Also fits in nicely with an elliptical workout!

  3. Excellent Randy!


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