Lying on the Bathroom Floor: My First Encounter with Beachbody’s Insanity

On Monday, I started an extreme home fitness program called Insanity.  As I’ll share, even the Insanity Fit Test is really intense!

As you may know, I’ve been road cycling for 7+ years, done off-season core/yoga workouts, eat healthy and do what I can to stay fit and healthy with my family.

However, my body has adapted to all my workouts to the point that I haven’t felt “pushed” in some time.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been battling with burnout when it comes to riding.

Once excited to ride, I began to push the snooze button more times than not, while a lack of desire to ride hard and no specific cycling goals lead to my burnout.

Time for a Change

What better way to change it up than to take on Insanity!  Insanity is an at-home fitness program from Beachbody (the makers of P90X) that requires you to workout six days per week.

The highlight of each workout is that you are constantly challenged by doing aerobic and anaerobic intervals. The goal is to burn 1,000 calories each session.  You read that right.

My goal before getting Insanity has been to change up my normal routine, add muscle and sculpt my body for the summer months.

My Insanity Experience So Far

As of today, I’m four days into Insanity and I’m feeling these workouts from my head to my toes.

Each morning, I’m getting up at 5:10 am to get in my workout before the kids wake up. Alisa is waking up with me, but she is doing the Brazil Butt Lift program from Beachbody.

I’m out in the garage pushing as hard as I can while she is in our living room. It’s been great as the two of us are encouraging each other each morning. She’s even mentioned that my grunting and yelling lets her know that I’m alive. We’re not early morning people, and having Alisa getting up helps me to get moving.

Before I started Insanity, I mentally prepared myself for what I was starting. I wanted to have the best results that I could so I took pictures (see below), weighed myself, took my body fat percentage, resting heart rate and body measurements.

Since getting my Insanity 60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program package in the mail, I have been reading the material and following the nutritional plan to the best of my abilities.

Before Pictures


I take my weight first thing in the morning upon waking and using the bathroom. This is the first time that I have weighed myself in 6 months. I don’t look at the scale often, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got on.

  • Day 1: 161.4 lbs

Percent Body Fat

To get my percent body fat I used the Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper to measure four locations on my body: front of arm, back of arm, under shoulder blade and waist. I then plugged my readings for each location into an online calculator for my body fat percentage. Please note that the male calculator is first and then the female calculator is below.

  • Day 1: 11.48%

Resting Heart Rate

This was done after waking, laying down in my bed, and before exerting myself.

  • Day 1: 48

After completing all of this, it was time for the Insanity fitness test.

Insanity Fitness Test

On Day One, there is an Insanity Fitness Test you take so you know where you are starting and can see your progress every 2 weeks. By the end of 60 days, I will have taken the fitness test 5 times.

Before jumping into my first fitness test, I watched the Fit Test DVD the night before to see what I was going to be required to do.

While I watched, I was enamored by the two individuals doing the fitness test. Shawn T, our personal trainer for Insanity, was showing them and me what exercises we would be doing. What shocked me was that the two individuals were working so hard that they were stopping for breaks.

I liked this! It showed me that these weren’t some super stars, but normal folks like me.

There were a few times when watching the Fit Test DVD that I was groaning at what I was going to be doing. I would pause the DVD and grab Alisa so she could see. She would just smile and give encouraging words.

This past Monday morning, bright and early, I was in my garage sweating, grunting, laying it all out there.

It hurt so bad that I thought I was going to throw up. I later had to lay on my bathroom floor for about 10 minutes before dry heaving. I’m glad I didn’t have anything in my stomach!

The cool thing was that even though I pushed that hard and paid for it, I was proud of myself.

My Insanity Fitness Test #1 results are below with a short description of what each move entailed.  These are each done for 60 seconds for as many reps as possible.

Switch Kicks

This requires 2 kicks to equal 1 rep. Each leg is kicked in front of you with the goal to get your foot above your waist.

  • Day 1: 60

Power Jacks

Similar to jumping jacks, but instead of keeping your legs straight when your arms come down you instead come into a squat position.

  • Day 1: 44

Power Knees

Starting with your hands over your head and your left leg behind you, raise your leg as you lower your hands to your knee. Do this as fast as you can.

  • Day 1: 88

Power Jumps

Get into a squat position and jump before landing softly back on the ground.

  • Day 1: 35

Globe Jumps

This required 4 jumps to equal 1 rep. Jump right, jump back, jump left, jump forward. That’s 1 rep and make sure to get your arms moving with each jump, too.

  • Day 1: 9

Suicide Jumps

Squat, push-up position, squat, and jump. The key with this one is to make sure you don’t kink your back when going into the push-up position.

  • Day 1: 13

Push-Up Jacks

This is similar to a normal push-up, but when you go down your legs go out similar to a jumping jack.

  • Day 1: 21

Low Plank Oblique

Get into a plank position with elbows on the floor and hands clasped.  Then bring your left leg forward and to the side. Repeat with your right leg.

  • Day 1: 45

The Workouts

The first few workouts have pushed me to my limit many times already. My legs, lungs, arms, and for that matter my whole body, is burning during the workouts.

I’m sweating more than I ever have when it comes to an at-home fitness program. The best part is that I’m loving it!

Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Burn fat with intervals of intense lower-body plyo and sweat-inducing cardio.

There were times when I could barley get my feet off the ground. Short break and back to it was what Shaun T advises, and that is what I had to do. One thing I dig is that those who are doing the same workout as you are hurting just as much. Be ready for your entire body to be sore after this workout.

Cardio Power & Resistance. Build lean muscle and upper-body definition with strength-training and power moves.

Getting up after the Plyometric Cardio Circuit was tough. My leg muscles didn’t want to move at all. Luckily, there is a great warm-up before each workout. The warm-up got me limbered up and ready for the work ahead. There was lots of leg work during this workout, but the V push-ups, walking push-ups, and triceps dips pushed my upper body, too.

Cardio Recovery. Shaun goes easier on you once a week so you’re ready for the next round.

Yeah right! This is recovery Insanity style which isn’t the way I think of a recovery. It was good to ease up on the intensity as I get ready for another week of Insanity.

Are you ready to jump on board with me?

I’ll be honest – Insanity isn’t for everyone.  However, I’m a big believer in at-home workouts, and I do believe that you can benefit from the right program.

Check out our popular review of six top at-home fitness programs to find the best one for you – we’ll even personally help you chose the right program at no charge to make sure you get the results you’re looking to achieve.

Enjoy and I look forward to Cranking It together!


  1. Michelle Campbell says:

    I know exactly what you mean I started yesterday and today I feel like crap, but I’m going to keep pushing and finish this program.

    • It’s good to know that I’m not alone when it comes to the feeling I had after that first fit test. Keep pressing play each day Michelle. I’d love to have you on our Beachbody team.

      Go here to learn more,


      • Today is my first day, I did the fit test but I am a little confused on what to do. Do I do the whole dvd or just pick one exercise a day. How often do I do the fit test, or can I just do the fit test every day?? So far I love it though, I almost threw up after pushing myself to go on with it

        • Tracy, do you have the Insanity calendar? If you do it will tell you which workouts you should be doing each day. As for the fit test you will be doing it 5 times over the course of the Insanity program. So no, you don’t do it every day.

    • Started Insanity today. The fit test kicked my butt. Can not wait to see what is to come!

    • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

      I am on day 23 and I feel like crap after every session. The way I look at it, if I don’t feel like crap I didn’t work hard enough. Keep going, like my wife says, half the battle is showing up. So show up, press play, and the results will follow!!

      • That’s it TM, press play each and every day and you’ll finish. Felling like crap after each session is a given for sure. It’s tough and yet rewarding as you complete each workout.

        Way to stick with it dude!

        • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

          I will, there is no quit at this point, day 24 was tough, but like you said, rewarding. I love watching the scale go down each day. Now that’s rewarding!!

          I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Jessica says:

    I was looking at things online about Insanity and I am going to start today. Wish me luck I could use all the motivation I can get.

    • Right on Jessica. Biggest thing is pressing play each and every day even when you don’t feel like it. Insanity is tough and yet if you have the mind set to complete it you will.

      Make sure to join our team,, as I’d be happy to assist you in any way that I can.


  3. Okay so I just started Insanity today and did the fit challenge and it kicked my butt! I have been an athlete all my life and after the fit challenge I also thought I was gonna throw up. So I immediately got on the Internet to see what other people’s responses were about the fit test and how it went for them. It was so comforting to read this post and see that I wasn’t the only one, even though it was hard I can’t wait to really get into it!

    • You are not alone Meghan. I was there and I have heard from many others who felt the same after that first fit test. Keep pressing play each day and in 63 days you will have completed a huge accomplishment. For now though just make sure you get your workout in each day.

      Cheers and keep me updated.

    • Omg I’m soooooo sore after just the fit test! Glad I read this! Lol

  4. My husband, Jimmy, and I just started today. I am determined to hit the “play” button every morning for the entire 9 weeks. Can’t wait to see and feel the results.

    • Right on Brigid!

      The big thing is pushing play each morning and doing the best that you can do. Over that last couple of months I’ve had a number of folks on my team have huge results with Insanity.

      One guys went from a 38 waist to a 32/34 waist and had to buy all new clothes. You can do the same and it’s great to hear that you are doing this with your husband.

      Don’t forget to join our team,


  5. Just started the Insanity workout program last night! The fit test totally kicked my tail!! Very sore in the legs today but super stoked to do it all over tonight with the cardio! 🙂 I lost 20 lbs when I had complications with my gallbladder in February. Now I want to lose 20 lbs. more and tone up my body. Keeping my fingers crossed for max results!!

  6. Hi! I just started day 1 and I was so sore the next day that I couldn’t move! Walking around was excruciating. How do I press play for the 2nd day when I can’t even walk? Do I rest until the pain lessens and start day 1 all over again? Maybe you have any advice?

    • Hey Kath,

      Sounds like you need to prepare your body a bit more before continuing on with Insanity. If you are that sore you may hurt yourself and that wouldn’t be good at all.

      I’d be happy to send you my Intro to Insanity Blueprint. It’s a 30-Day guide that eases you into the rigors of Insanity. I’ve had lots of folks do this before starting and have had great success.

      All you have to do is Join Our Team,, and let me know when you do and I’ll get it right over to you.

      Hope this helps you out.


      • Rene Mendonca says:

        Hi Tony. Whoa…..this BBI is so difficult. We really want to do it, but we couldn’t even get through the first session…should we just continue with it, or do you think we need to do an introduction program as well…we can’t walk…is that normal…


        • Hey Rene, yes Insanity it an extreme workout. I would say if you are hurting this much you need to take it down a notch, build up you endurance and stamina and then take on Insanity.

          We have Thrive90 Fintess,, just for this. It’s to get folks ready for a more rigorous workout so you can complete it.

          Check it out as it might be a better place for you to be right now. It will get you toned and in a place where you’ll then crank through Insanity.


  7. Just started Instanity today. I don’t have my weight specs to upload yet, but I know I’m carrying 30+ lbs art ~180 and I’m going to guess 27% body-fat. Will post those actual #s when I get them.

    I am actually doing this WITH RackSpace work-outs, go figure. I’m on day 2 of that.

    My Fit Test Day 1:
    Switch Kicks 96
    Power Jacks 40
    Power Knees 60
    Power Jums 16
    Globe Jumps 4
    Suicide Jumps 8
    Push-up Jacks 25
    Low Plank Oblique 45

    Not so happy with any of this, several years back I did Cross-Fit and was 30 lbs lighter and could have kicked this out the door. Hoping for significant improvements by day 60. Day 61 btw I have a 7 day Cruise to the Caribbean so I have a good motivator!

    • Hey Michael,

      The benefit of the fit test is that you know your starting point. Like it or not you now have a place to gauge your progress off of. The key is that you stick with it and I have a feeling if you’ve done Cross Fit in the past you’ll be good to go.

      As for Low Plank Oblique I counted each leg as 1 so you are good to go.

  8. Low Plank Oblique Fit Test question; do you count each leg as 1 or left-right as 1? If the latter I need to cut my posted amount in 1/2 🙁

  9. Tough Mudder wannabies says:

    My Wife and I started yesterday with the fit test. I am soar but she says that she isn’t. I plan to keep pushing through the soarness. I want to lose 35 in the 63 days, and my wife wants to lose 20. We are using Insanity as a training program for the Tough Mudder we want to run in seven months.

    I am sure I will need help staying motivated!!

  10. I receieved my Insanity package in the mail yesterday & I’m starting on Monday since I don’t want to start on a Tuesday. I’d love to join someones team! I’m pretty excited about this Journey.

    • Awesome Jaqui! You are going to do fantastic as you get started on your Insanity journey. We’d love to have you Join Our Team,, and will be here to motivate, encourage, and give you tips along the way.

      Press play each day and you’ll make it.

  11. Elizabeth Wynne says:

    As I type this I am feeling nauseous and feel sooo bad. I am not in shape at all and I will admit I am 40lbs overweight. Even alot of people told me not to do Insanity because its too hard for a person who hasn’t worked out in a long time. But my plan is to keep doing the fit test until I can actually finish the whole dvd then move on to the next ones. It may not be the right way to start Insanity but I am motivated to stick with this.

    • Hey Elizabeth,

      I love your plan to start with the Fit Test and completing it before moving on. You can do this as long as you don’t go overboard. Make sure you follow the calendar on which days you should be working out. The thing you don’t want to do is over exert yourself and get frustrated.

      Put a smile on your face, press play, and know that you are making a difference in your life.

      We’re cheering for ya!

  12. So I just got done with my second fit test. I’ve gotten better. 2 weeks after doing insanity My stomach looks way better But ive gained wieght is that normal??? I know muscle wieghs more thn fat and I’m gaining muscle by doing the work outs. But it’s very discouraging when I look at the scale.

    • Eddie,

      I was like you when I did Insanity. I actually gained 5 lbs after it was all said and done. Personally, I would chuck the scale in the trash. It’s a number that means very little.

      Do you feel good? Do your clothes fit better? Do you see more muscle on your body? These mean more than a number on a scale. Do the workouts, eat properly, and you’ll see a change in your body. The number shouldn’t define how well you did or didn’t do.

      • Tony,
        Thanks for the reply! Oh I feel great and my stomach looks alot better. Im doing this alone so a lot of times I’m not sure if I’m doing the exercises correctly. So seeing the scale go down would make me more confident. I can see a difference from my before pic till now (2weeks) I guess I should just throw that scale out. I plan on completing Insanity and then hopefully move on to P90x.

  13. Marina Secory says:

    Nice tan lines on your ankles in the before pictures dude

  14. My husband and I just started insanity tonight. Yep, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. I haven’t worked out regularly in a long while but am ready to push through this with my husband. It will take me back to my powerlifting days when you were so sore you couldn’t even sit down, but you pressed on. Only with insanity there will be much more sweat!!

  15. Lilli Tulio says:

    Loved this article! I just finished the first fit test and came online to see how others had done! I did NOT realize how unfit I was until I was trying to keep up with the guy & girl in the video. A little terrified about day 2 but also kind of excited to see just how insane shaun t is going to get 🙂

    • I’m with you Lilli. That fit test is tough and boy is it an indication of what is to come. I hope that you are cranking away at Insanity and digging the challenge that it is providing you. Stick with it and you will get stronger at each fit test.

  16. Did you clean eat while doing the program? I’m a 24 yr old female and 5’4 150 so I’m trying to lose like 20 pounds and I’m on on day 15. Any suggestions? I haven’t been eating as clean as I should be

    • For the most part I was eating healthy before, during, and after Insanity. It’s a way of life for me now and one that you can achieve. Cut out corn and all it’s byproducts, gluten, sugars, carbonated drinks, and processed foods and you’ll lose that 20 lbs.

      You will need to experiment to see what works best for you, but I know for a fact that by cutting these out you’ll see results. My wife did this about a month ago and has lost the belly fat. She walks 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes.

      Keep pressing play, adjust your eating, and you’ll get the results you desire.

  17. Growing up, I was one of those kids that could eat anything at all and not gain weight/get fat. Perhaps some of that was due to the fact that I also played ice/roller hockey constantly all year round, along with other sports (baseball, soccer. Currently, at the age of 24, I had to stop playing due to multiple concussions and lack of free time thanks to graduate school. Depression set in, and, along with the rise of bad eating habits, my fitness level was decimated. I am currently 6’0″ and 190 lbs, but my body fat definitely too high (i don’t know the exact %). So I got Insanity since I needed the challenge, plus I don’t have the weights I would need for something like P90X. Day 1 was today, and the fit test destroyed me; I was also lying on the bathroom floor for several minutes trying not to throw up. My numbers look like this in order of each exercise: 30, 20, 45, 21, 4, 12, 11, 34. Just really disheartening how bad I have let my fitness slip. But I have no plans on giving up. It feels like tryouts again where I have to push myself to the limit to make the team. I’m hoping and praying that Day 63 will be that day.

    • How are you doing Will? Hope to hear that you are still cranking along and feeling good and getting stronger.

      • Well, after 3 weeks I can definitely say I feel so much better than I did Day 1. I’m not gasping for breath or feeling like I have to throw up after each workout. I take measurements before each Monday workout (I follow their schedule), and before the Week 2 Fit Test, I had lost an inch around my waist/hips/stomach. Talked it over with my doctor, and it turns out I have a B Vitamin deficiency (mainly B6 and B12, which is strange considering I eat plenty of red meat). So following BB’s diet combined with high dosages of B6/B12 and multivitamin, I have untold-of amounts of energy now! Also my numbers for the fit test increased alot as well: 75, 32, 78, 28, 12, 18, 15, 45… not bad for just two weeks lol. One question: how do the second month’s workouts compare to the first month’s?

  18. started the insanity workout yesterday. fit test was as people have said “tough”. Going to keep up with it.

  19. Just did the fit test on day 1. Literally lay down for half an hour thinking I was going to throw up or pass out. Feeling so demoralised.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I have a question. I just finished week 4’s fit test and I think I have hit a plateau. Week’s 2 and 3–I saw doubled the amount of reps during each exercise. Week 4 I did the same if not less than the previous week. I am still over what I did for Week 1, but I am still a bit discouraged. I am not sure if I am not pushing hard enough…if anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate them.

    • Hey Stephanie, I can totally relate to where you are right now. Check out my final results,, and you will see I had the same thing. I was beating myself up a bit, but then when I saw the results the numbers didn’t matter to me.

      You have to decide if the numbers are important or how you feel and look. Keep after it and I bet you are going to do fine the rest of the way through.


      • Stephanie says:

        Thank you for the reply. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I can definitely see and feel a change! I am 5’4 and right now after a month and a half of Insanity I weigh 136. In my twenties I was 124. I REALLY want to get back down to that number. I know numbers shouldn’t matter to me…and I am trying hard to break that habit. It is just a hard one to break. Before I started Insanity, I was 142. I got a little carried away with my eating habits and didn’t make time to workout. Since I started Insanity I went down to 136, but have stayed there. It is hard to believe, because I feel like the inches off my waist are melting away! I don’t own a scale at home. Once in awhile I will take a peak and go on the scale at the grocery store. I just wish I wasn’t disappointed at the scale weight. AND I just wish I knew what to do to get that last 10 pound off!!! 🙂

        • Stephanie, it’s not about a number. How do you feel? Do your clothes fit better on you? How is your body transforming? More muscle in your legs, arms, back, chest? Look at all of these not a number on a scale.

          I actually gained 6 pounds while completing Insanity because I gained a ton of muscle that I hadn’t had before. Muscle weights more than fat and this is why. If I was looking at a scale for some arbitrary number I would have missed out on what happened with my body.

          You still have 4 weeks so change your attitude and finish up strong. I believe you’ll have the best toned body you have every have after finishing Insanity.

          • Stephanie says:

            Yes. You are right. My clothes fit better and I am seeing muscle where I never had before! I will keep going. I appreciate your advice!

  21. I just completed the fit test as well and am glad to see so many people felt the same as me. I went at it hard those first couple movements and by the end was laying on the floor for 15 minutes LOL. I’m about 260lbs but played football in college, this brings back those memories of almost throwing up on the football field 🙂 Look forward to tomorrow and finishing this thing!!!

    • Awesome Jeremy! Great to hear that you enjoyed the floor like so many of us. Hit Insanity each day and you will get stronger and better with each week that you complete. You know the drills as a college football guy.

      Keep me posted.

  22. Tough Mudder wannabies says:

    Help! I need some motivation.

    Look, I have been pushing play for 6 months. I have finished Insanity 3 times. I have lost a serious amount of weight in that time. I have lost a total of 90 pounds, but I am stuck. I went from 260 down to 170, but I have been at 170 for about 2 months. I go up a few, down an few, back up a few…..

    This week I started The Asylum work out to try and go to the next level because I want to run a Tough Mudder in May, but I just don’t feel ready.

    You are probably reading this thinking that I don’t need any more motivation, but here’s the deal. I am 46 years old, and I think my body is just wore out. One day my knees hurt so bad I can hardly walk, the next I add my shoulders to the list, then my wrists……. Very seldom is there a day that I don’t feel like I am 100 years old.

    My max “ideal weight” is about 164. I can not seem to break the 170 mark, I actually wanted to get closer to 150 because I am only 5’8″. But after pushing play for so long and seeing such great results, I am tired. Any words of wisdom or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    I am tired of living on Advil 🙂


    • Hey TMW,

      Here it is, you ready for it…TAKE A BREAK!

      Yep, take 10 days off. I mean off. Nothing, nada, chill, and let your body rest. Your body is so worn out it is in a survival mode right now.

      Take it from someone who has been where you are. I ran myself into the ground riding anywhere from 4-6 days per week. Putting in long miles and long hours that every part of my body hurt. I wasn’t getting good sleep and I wasn’t recovering properly.

      Your body needs some down time right now and recovery. Maybe bust out the foam roller to massage those muscles and release tension.

      I would also move away from Insanity all together for a period of time. The continuous pounding on your knees, ankles, hips, and body cause more pain and the use of Advil.

      My suggestion is to move into Les Mills Pump,, to change up the routine and add resistance to your training.

      As for weight, I’ve said it many of times that it’s an arbitrary number. You should be going off measurements and photos. If you are a buff 160 at 5′ 8″ you’d be stoked, right?

      Also, make sure you are getting your Shakeology in every day and/or a good multi-vitamin. I suggest you check out this article I wrote on the benefits of a specific brand I take.

      Take the time off and rest. You and your body will be happy you did.

      • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

        I appreciate the words of wisdom.

        The rest may do me good, but at my age won’t I lose some strength/endourance/momentum with a break that long?

        I know that weight is just a number and not as important as other things like you mentioned. But I still have that sexy (albeit much smaller) spare tire that if I could lose I would probably be at my ideal number.

        Thanks for the response!!

        • TMW, you’ll lose maybe, maybe 5% of those in 10 days. I know where you are. I was there myself when I was riding. My riding was 2-3 15-20 miles rides during the week and then a 50-60 mile on Saturday and then a 100+ mile ride on Sunday.

          I thought if I took time off I was going to lose it all and my buddies would destroy me. In actuality it was the exact opposite. Sure I didn’t have it the first or second ride back, but by the third I felt stronger and able to sustain a tempo/tough pace for longer.

          I’m not that much younger than you and I will say by taking time away and resting I’ve been able to enjoy myself more overall.

          • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

            Ok, I took the 10 days off. It was killing me to not work out but I did it.

            I started Asylum today. I felt a little weak in the beginning of the work out, but felt good afterwards. I guess the proof will be how I sleep tonight and how I feel in the morning.

            I’ll let you know….

        • TMW, proud of you for taking the time off. Most folks will not do that and just continue to run themselves into the ground. It will take a few days to get all your strength back, but where you will see the benefits is in the strength you will gain.

          What do you do for recovery? Protein smoothie, multivitamin, etc.

          Hope you had a great night of sleep.

          • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

            I actually did sleep pretty well last night.

            I usually do two fruit smoothies each day. One with a soy protien and one with a whey protien mix. I mix them with a cup of whatever frozen fruit I have in the house, a teaspoon of ground flax and the insanity metabolism supliment.

            Day two of asylum in the books and 51 days until the Jacksonville Florida Tough Mudder

          • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

            No longer a wanna be!!!

            I ran the Jacksonville Tough Mudder last week. I ran it in 2 hours and 38 minutes. It felt great to beat kids half my age all over the course.

            Insanity Pays Off!!!!!

  23. WELL!!! Started Insanity today with the fit test. I turn 50 in a week and have been too sedantary over the past 3 years. The fit test damn near killed me! lol. But, I am motivated to make my way thru this and get back to a lighter weight. I was apprehensive to start and had to stop several times during the fit test, my legs are still trembling, but darn if I wont push that start button again tomorrow!! I am 5′ 11″ and weigh 240. Hoping to get down to at least 200 by the end of the 60 days. Former military too, so I know how to push myself . Tiem to get crackin!!

    • Way to go Randy! Each of us has to start somewhere and even though you had to stop several times it’s a starting point. You’ll now be able to see how well you progress over the next 63 days. Looking forward to hearing how you do as you continue to press play each day.

  24. Hello all.
    I have purchased Insanity and I’m scared to start it after reading about wanting to barf after the workouts… Can I get opinions/advise about doing the workouts after work in the evening, or first thing in the morning before going to work? I don’t want to feel like crap all day at work. But, I do want to get the most benefits from it.

    I am 34 years old, 5’9″ and weigh 165. I am looking to tone and tighten my entire body. I have given birth twice and my belly is a little fat and covered in stretch marks. I have heard that getting your belly tight will make the marks fade some. Either way, I want my shoulders and arms to have some definition, along with a rockin butt, legs and a super tight belly.
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks all!

    • Jenn,
      I turn 50 in 3 days. I started last week, but ended up missing 3 days so I started over this Monday. I vary my workouts between 10am and 2pm, whichever time I can get to the gym. Since it is either before meals or at least 2 hours after, I don’t feel like barfing. I do push myself but if you read my post above, I am not in great shape at all to start with. I did the fit test again, and almost doubled my numbers on everything! And on my first day, I was able to get through about 20 minutes, doing more than I could last week, but still not 100% able to match them (I don’t think I could even if I was in good shape!) You have to know when you need to stop and take a breather and then get back on it. I have a heart rate monitor as well and keep an eye on it to make sure I don’t exceed my max. So far, I have gotten close but haven’t exceeded it. But I can tell I have improved in just those 3 days of work and the bit of running I started. You cant push yourself to your maximum right off the bat- your body may not be able to take it. I do my best and push myself, but when I hit that exhausted point or really heavy breathing, I take a break for about 10-15 seconds, then get back to it. So far, no barfing! You also need to go at your own pace and have good form too. That will certainly cause you to feel it later. Good luck and give it a shot!

      • Great advice Randy on when to workout and why you workout when you do. Looking forward to hearing about your progress over the next couple of months.

      • Randy,
        Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am excited to start. I’m going to take it easy at first to see how my under worked body responds. I think I will be ‘bringing it’ before long!
        Thank you,

        • Jenn,
          I am in the same situation as you. My “old” body (ha ha ) is telling me about all my inactivity over the last 3 years. But I am determined to go through it. I can get through about 20-25 minutes of each workout and am huffing and puffing, but I am pushing that play button every day! I stop when I need to a nd then get right back in. YOU will see after the first few workouts how to adjust for yourself and on which exercises you can go hard on. I am not all there yet, but some of the exercises are easier to do and lower impact so I hit it hard. You’ll see. Keep us updated! I have lost 8 pounds already.

    • Hey Jenn,

      Welcome to Insanity! You determine how hard you want to push yourself during each workout. If you go hard early on when you are not ready you may feel queasy from your effort. If you don’t then you have nothing to worry about.

      If you don’t think you are ready to jump right into Insanity I did a webinar about how to prepare yourself.

      As for the stretch marks and tightening up your belly that is different for each individual. I know that my wife who has slimmed down from both of our kids still has stretch marks. They aren’t as noticeable, but they are still there.

      If you stick with Insanity you’ll get cut in all the areas that you want to.

      Press play every day and make it happen.

  25. Amazing post! I just started the fit test today, unfortunately couldn’t make it through the power knees. I felt like I was about to die, almost threw up all over the place. Is insanity really the workout for me? I had to pause almost 3 times in the first 5 minutes alone..

    • Hey Kal,

      Insanity is tough. The fit test is a starting point and a guide marker for you as you go through the program. Is it right for you if you are excited about doing a ton of cardio and getting results then yes. If cardio isn’t your thing than it will be difficult to complete.

      You’re not alone when it comes to almost throwing up. I was there as many other folks. It’s the exertion you are putting forth at such a high intensity.

  26. My first fit test made me want to rethink the entire program. But after day three or four I was really getting into the Insanity workout program. THEN came another fit test, I thought it would be easier but you’re right you just have to push yourself to do a little better than day 1 and therefore you are probably working harder each and every fit test. But it’s totally worth seeing those number improve week after week. Goodluck on the rest of your Insane journey!

  27. Carole Murry says:

    I’m a 49 year old grandma turning 50 in November. Over the last 3 years or so I put on 30 lbs without trying 😉 It just crept up on me. There’s no way I want to turn 50 carrying this weight. I cant stop old but I can stop fat. I’ve been working hard at eating right and exercising for more than a year and haven’t lost a pound. I’m thinking my only hope to shed the weight before the big five 0 arrives is Insanity.
    Today I did the fit test. I was determined to finish it but have to admit in the back of my mind there was a small doubt that I could. I did have to rest for a few seconds here and there and modify some of the exercises at times but I did my best and pushed my hardest and finished the fit test. I’m going to do the whole program. Push play every day! That’s my goal. I’ll probably sleep for the rest of the day but hey! What ever it takes 😉

    • Hey Carole,

      Way to go! It’s interesting to hear you haven’t lost anything in a year. I will have to say that I was fit before starting Insanity, but after completing it I was at a new level. Sounds like you have your nutrition down so the increase in exercise should help take off the fat.

      Keep pushing play and do your best each and every day.

      Cheers and good luck.

  28. I did the fitness test today, I am in good shape just not very fit due to the work I do. Attempted it today and I have never had my arse kicked so badly in a long long time, its actually quite scary thinking about being able to last another 2 months haha.

    • I remember that feeling Steve. Man, laying on the bathroom floor about to throw up was not a good feeling. You will get stronger as you continue. Before you know it 2 months will be done and you’ll be feeling great.

      Keep pressing play.

  29. Jessica says:

    I am getting ready to start Insanity tonight…within the next few minutes. These posts have me a bit scared; however I began working out about 4 months ago 7 days a week. I have lost 35 pounds and have about 35 more to go, I figured Insanity could change it up for me and get me through this second half! I’m excited and I don’t give up easily…so hopefully if you check back in I will have some positive results!! Okay…start!

  30. Well, I tried the fit test today, only got just over half way through and I did vomit, a few times, I think I’ll need to re-try the fit test for a few days to get back into the swing of things, and then go from there, I’m not looking to lose any weight, fitness is my goal, in fact I wouldn’t mind gaining a bit over the course of the 60 days, am I right in thinking that a little more muscle in that time will help with this? Can I ask, do/did you use the recovery formula? will a protein shake do instead? or should better healthier food simply be enough? It is good to see that I’m not the only one struggling with this! Great thread Tony, and well done on the run TM

    • Tough Mudder wannabies says:

      Thanks Rob! The Tough Mudder was great now training for a Spartan Race. I do not use the Beach Body stuff, I just make protien shakes with fruit etc.. But since I have not tried the Beach Body stuff I can not speak to their effectivity. Keep going, it’s worth every minute!

    • Hey Rob,

      I’m all about protein smoothies. Still do them to this day almost every morning. Having this after each workout is important for your body to get all that was depleted. Eating healthy is a plus, but you will need the extra protein for recovery.

      I still drink my protein smoothie after every ride and workout.

      Insanity is all about cardio so to think you’ll gain much muscle is a stretch. You’ll define what you have, but it’s not a gainer. If you want to increase muscle mass look at a program like Les Mills Pump, There you use weights and I’ve actually had great results with it.

      Keep pressing play and you will get stronger and be able to get through the fit test.


  31. I just started the fit test but couldn’t finish it. I ended up feeling very dizzy and sick so I stopped.. Should I power through it and finish the fit test or just stop there?

    • Hey Lisa,

      Stop there. That is your fit test. You know have a base line of where you are in your fitness. Next time you go as long as you can again. The fit test is just that a test to see where you are. Now get to the workouts, do the best you can, and most of all don’t over do it. Listen to your body as you get stronger over the 63 days of Insanity.

  32. Thanks Tony, I will give that a look as I do have some weights already,
    I’m just over a week in to Insanity, and I was in the same boat as Lisa during day 1 fit test as you’ll see in my post up above,
    To say it’s tough doesn’t really do it justice, I’m not quite getting the full minute on each exercise all the time, and on the circuits I do sometimes sit out maybe the final round, or parts of, and even the “warm-ups” are killer, the third round breaks me, but I’m now, even this small way in, keeping up a lot better than I was just a week ago, and it does help a lot to see the guys in the video struggle, lets me know it’s ok to stop when needed, and that it really isn’t easy, here’s to the next 50 days!

  33. Hi!
    I just started my insanity program today, and I actually there up the muscle milk drank afterwards! Needless to say it kicked my butt! I’m so excited though. If all goes well I’ll be participating in my first bikini contest in Nov. (just for fun). Shaun T is a great motivator I know he’ll help me get through it. God Speed Everyone! You can do it!

  34. Well, it’s been 63 days since I got halfway through the fit test, and then got sick, it’s been a great journey, and it’s not over either, I’m going to do month 2 again with the upper body weight training thrown in a couple of times a week for good measure, I have to say I’m really happy I started it, and I’m feeling great, almost look forward to exercise, Tony was spot on, keep pressing play every day,

    Waist has gone from just over 32″ to just under 30″
    Body Fat % from 16 to 10

    In terms of fit test, I didn’t finish the first, so for comparison, I have included, the First, Second and Final fit tests below, needless to say, I’m extremely pleased with my results

    Switch Kicks 65 – 105 – 115
    Power Jacks 35 – 40 – 50
    Power Knees 60 – 80 – 102
    Power Jumps 20 – 24 – 33
    Globe Jumps 0 – 0 – 5
    Suicide Jumps 0 – 9 – 19
    Push-up Jacks 0 – 20 – 40
    Low Plank Oblique 0 – 35 – 50
    no vomit!

    To anyone starting, or going through it, (Kierra, hope you are still at it and doing well) do it/keep at it, finishing is a very good place to be at, best of luck to everyone

  35. Just started Insanity today. I did the fit, I am a little disappointed in how bad I have let myself go over the last 4 years. I am post op 4 weeks so was unable to do a few exercises, but I am determined..wish me luck on day 2 tomorrow 😉

    • Way to go Tammy! Take it one day at a time and do the best you can do. You will get stronger day by day and you’ll feel better. Make sure you take before pics as it’s always helpful to be able to see where you started. Especially when you think you are not making progress. Keep pushing play.

  36. Hey on day 3 of insanity, will be starting the next workout in half an hour!! My husband and I are taking the challenge together, he wants to get fitter for football and I want to get back in shape after having 2 kids. The fit test and day 1 kicked my ass, I honestly thought I would black out, but my hubby pushed me to get back up and keep pushing!! I’m hoping the pain in my legs will go if I just keep digging and pushing. I am a complete couch potato but hoping this experience will push me to take on new experiences and challenges!!

  37. Hi . Please when u started, did your body hurt like hell?? I am on day 4 today and after the first day till now, my arms, lower back, thighs, feet, shoulders, toes hurt like hell!! Is it right? Cos I feel like a truck ran over me 🙁 please I need to know if this is normal?

    • Nikola Simic says:

      Hey Enni, YES, it must hurt like hell when you are in bad shape or not dping such exercises and your body is not used to it… Continue. Greetings from Serbia. Land of motivatef people who never back down. I am starting monday. Hope i stick to it this 63 days. Again. You are not alone

  38. Hi there,
    I need some advice. I started Insanity three weeks ago and was about to start week 4 of month 1 today, but I got sick yesterday and am to weak to do any workouts. I dont think ill be up an running in the next days. I hope I still see the same results if i missed a few days? I also am wondering how will i pick it up again, I was thinking of just doing the workout on the schedule on the day that im ok again. For example if i start on thursday or friday to do those workouts and then next week just re-do week 4. Has anyone had experience with being sick etc and found the results the same?

  39. Paige Brough says:

    Hey 🙂 , so i started insanity about 2 months ago with my boyfriend and after 2 days of workouts we gave up because we ached so much , but i decided i didnt want to give up so i have starded it again and ive done the fit test & 3 days of workout with 2 added sessions of cardio abs and today i ache like ive never ached before from my shoulders to my anchles even though i do ache i will still be waking up tomorrow at 8am to do my workout , before researching i thought it was just that because im a chubby person (11stone 4)thats why i was having the aches but now i know more people get this because its so intense i feel happyer 🙂

  40. Katie-Jo Teevan says:

    Hey. I am starting Insanity tomorrow, I have just finished T25 and I am wondering now after reading the comments if I need to build up more. What with work and everything I don’t want to put myself in a state were I am unable to walk 🙂 Thanks!

  41. I’m 6” 0′ and 267 lbs. Just did day one – puked up the water I drank after working out, limped around for about two hours, then felt fine. However, I have been working out sporadically for the past 8 years or so.

    It’s mainly the cardio for me that’s the hard part. I mean I’m 28 and have a fairly high resting heart rate at 88.

    A couple of years ago I was 275 and lost 20 lbs dieting, then got a job as a roofer for a few months and lost another 25 lbs before I planed out at 230 lbs.

    Got an office job and gained back all the weight. So I fluctuate quite a bit because of unhealthy eating habits and who knows maybe I have a fatty liver, then binge exercising it away for a few months, but eventually back up.

    My healthy weight (I have a lot of muscle) is probably anywhere around 190-210. Hoping to get there and stay there, pressing play every day – I’ve even considered continuing doing insanity after the 60 days or moving to cross-fit work outs.

    So part of my plan is that I’m posting this as a commitment to finish insanity and I’ll post my results when I’m done.

    Weight – 267 lbs.
    Waist size – 42”
    Resting heart rate – 88 BPM

    First Fitness Test:
    Switch Kicks (Mummy Kicks) – 50
    Squat Jumps – 35
    Knee Punch (not sure if thats the name for some reason i found these easier than the rest) – 72
    Power Jumps – 22
    Around World – 6
    Suicide Jumps (Burpees) – 14
    Push-Up Jacks – 17
    Oblique planks – 21

    I took plenty of breathing breaks because my heart felt like it was going to pound right of out my chest.

    Anyways – I’ll update with numbers halfway and then once more after the final test.

  42. Leslie 3rd shift will rock it says:

    There are 3 of us at work that will start this monday. I have to say that some of the feedback is a little scary. Good luck on your journey! We work 3rd shift so our nights will but rough it looks like!

  43. I just completed the final fit test a the very end of the full Insanity program. This is a terrific program — I am in noticeably better shape and feel fantastic. I will continue to use these workouts as supplemental routines with my weight lifting regimen. I highly recommend Insanity.

  44. Amazing. I thought I was fit untill I noticed you were getting more reps than me. You’re in amazing shape also. Great work and keep working out.

  45. Im on my 3rd day of insanity and I can’t wait to get at it again. I want to see my results!

  46. Blow my mind. Actually, I did it a bunch of time but cannot maintain.. But I feel changing in my muscle. Thank you in advanced!

  47. I always find the way to improve my body !


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