How to Build a Home Made Pull Up Bar

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In this post, we’re going to share how to build your own high-quality home made pull up bar .

A pull-up bar doesn’t take up a lot of space, but the strength and conditioning benefits you will get from using this simple piece of equipment are amazing.

One simple way to do an at-home workout with your spouse is to rotate between doing push-ups and pull-ups. I like to call these 20/10. 20 push-ups and 10-pull-ups for 12 sets.

Use different hand positions to change it up and work different parts of your upper body.  If you don’t have the strength to do full pull-ups on your own, put your feet on a chair for assistance while you build up your back and arms.

Working out like this allows both of you to be in the same room supporting each other while increasing your recreational intimacy.

Build Your Own Pull-Up Bar – Materials List

Here’s what you are going to need for your DIY home made pull up bar like I demonstrated in the video:

(1) 48″ x 1″ Galvanized pipe
(2) 16″ x 1″ Galvanized pipes
(2) 1″ 90 Elbows
(2) 1″ Wall flanges
(8) 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ Bolts
(8) 1/4″ Hex nuts
(8) 1/4″ Lock washers

This might look great to you, but you’re saying to yourself that there is no room in your garage for something else. Well, you are in luck.

If you’d rather have something that’s not physically attached and can be used inside your home, you can also pick up a doorway chin-up bar that will be effective in getting you stronger.

Whichever pull-up bar you choose, you will be able to increase your strength as you spend quality time with your spouse.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Now you know how to build your pull-up bar, now what will you do with it?

The real beauty of building your own pull-up bar is that it allows you to workout right at home.

We highly recommend at-home fitness solutions for most busy folks.  These programs allow you to get an amazing workout with no need to spend money or time accessing a gym.  They allow maximum flexibility to match your crazy schedule, and you can workout alongside your spouse or with your kids at your side.

No babysitters, no travel time, no lines for equipment and no ongoing costs!

However, if you’ve done research to find the best at-home workout program, you know that there are literally thousands of options.  Some systems are not really effective, and many are probably not appropriate for your needs.

So how do you wade through all of the hype and find a high-quality home-based fitness system to help you reach your particular goals?

Check out our popular review of six top at-home fitness programs to find the best one for you – we’ll even personally help you chose the right program at no charge to make sure you get the results you’re looking to achieve.



  1. Susan McDonell says:

    So awesome Tony!!! I could’ve used you when I was trying to figure out what to build in my basement! What kind of tape did you use? How is it helpful? This is a great tutorial and it looks like all that Insanity sure helped you build that bar FAST!!:)

    • Here is a link to the tape that I used,{keyword}. I like having the tape there as it allows for my hands to stick to the bar instead of slipping when my hands get sweaty.

      Glad you enjoyed the video even though it was a little late for you to use.

  2. Tony,

    Great addition to the garage. DIY equipment makes it more fun.

    I have a video making a Bulgarian Training Bag and Plyoboxes on my blog. I also built a pull-up bar and a second bar for gymnastics rings. That was prior to starting the blog check out the post on Crossfit –

    Fun stuff.


    • Troy – Got to say I dig both of those videos you did. I think I’m going to make the Bulgarian Training Bag to start and begin to use it with some of my workouts. You have a great site there w/ loads of good info. We’ll need to connect.

  3. How sturdy is this type of pull up bar if you were to do kipping pull ups? Also it looks like it would only work if you had boards laid flat because the wall flanges are so wide I don’t think they would hit the hole stud of a 2×4.

    • Hey Language Tutor,

      The way that I have made this sturdy is that I have (6) 3″ screws on the flat boards to keep it in place. I have not had any issues with the pull up bar moving at all. My daughter is on it almost everyday and doing all sorts of moves on it.

      You are correct on how to mount the pull up bar because of the wall flanges that I use for this one. If you have an open ceiling I would buy some boards and mount it that way.


      • Thanks for the reply. That helps to clarify. I watched several videos on youtube and I may end up trying a corner option but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough room.

        Are you able to do a muscle up on that bar?

        • The corner pull up bars are cool. I didn’t have any corners in my garage to use as I only have one that could be used and there are cabinets there.

          There is no way I could do a muscle up on this bar due to the boards overhead. The only way that I could would have been to make the vertical pipe longer so that I would have room. Problem with this is that I don’t like to bend my knees when doing my pull ups.

          Good luck getting yours together. It took me some time to figure out the best option for my setup.


        • This is awfully late, but you could solve your problem of not having an open ceiling by installing a wood plate across several studs/joists and then attach the pull-up bar to the plate

  4. I followed very similar steps to build quite large pull-up structures. Thanks for the instructions. If you’d like to see photos of my setup, check out this link: bars

  5. Looks really good… The only thing I might have done differently is to add two metal plates on the top of the boards, and put the bolts through them as well with the nuts screwed down flush to them… That way, over time, as the somewhat narrow contact points begin to chew at the wood due to the weight and movement, you won’t get any unexpected bolt pop-throughs and a catastrophic failure of the entire rig… That’s actually a pretty simple mod you could do right now to “safety up” you bar… Home depot has several options for plates, spanning several intended uses. I’d look for some that are at least 8″ x 8″.

    • Hey Billy,

      I think that what you have suggested here is a great addition to the DIY Pull up bar. This make lots of sense and I think there are plates that are specific to the wall flanges. I’m going to get by Home Depot this week and check and make this addition.


  6. Tony,

    Just one thing for safety. Add some large diameter washers on the bolts through the rafter boards on the back side. There is a risk those bolts can work loose/pull through the wood over time and washers will distribute the stress over a larger area up there.

    • Hey Joey,

      Yep I would agree that washers should be added. It’s been 2 years since we put this up and I haven’t changed a thing. With use of about every other day, one of us using it, I will say that the bolts have not loosed nor is there any signs of the bolt pulling through the wood.

      This isn’t to say that it could happen. We’re moving in the next few months so this will be coming down. When I attach it again I will be adding the washers for sure.

      Thanks for adding this in as I believe it adds much to those who are looking to build their own DIY Pull-Up Bar.


  7. What a great DAD!

  8. Very pretty project! I love the fact that you used something so simple to create such a stunning result.

  9. DIY always interesting process. Especially when you get the expected result + saved money. Homemade pull up bar is really useful thing for kids and their sports parents. Thx for video and review!

  10. Hello,

    Looks really good…

  11. What a creative idea. I’ve never once thought you could actually diy a pull up bar.

  12. Something I should share it with my social media followers, you guys just gave me something useful to share it. Thanks and keep it up!

  13. I always appreciate when people share do it yourself ideas like homemade pull-up bars. It shows a real generosity of spirit. Thank you.

  14. Appreciate it very much intended for publishing this kind of fascinating article on this matter. It has definitely created me personally believe as well as I’m hoping to learn to read much more.

  15. thank you so much!!!!!!

  16. Awesome job! I have been wanting to try my hand at one too and you’ve given me the inspiration to do it.

  17. I love the gym creations, I want to make my own home gym with this post.

  18. This is an amazing design! I’m out of words! Well done!

  19. I love the gym creations, I want to make my own home gym with this post.

  20. I love the gym creations, I want to make my own home gym with this post.

  21. Wayyyyy too much work . You could just buy a pull-up bar and screw it in anywhere

  22. ramadan recipes for iftar says:

    They look pretty and they sound flavorful! I’m figuring they would make a decent ‘new to us’ treat to serve New Years Eve!

  23. I think this is one of the best blog for me because this is really helpful for me. Thanks you.


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