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Once you try some of these amazing recipes, you’ll be excited to eat healthy!

As a busy couple and/or on-the-go parent, it can feel next to impossible at times to eat healthy together as a family.  And when you do share a nutritious meal, it may not be the tastiest dish that you’ve ever tried…which your kids will be quick to point out!

We totally understand the challenges of enjoying tasty, yet healthy, meals together when you’re running around and short on time.  That’s why we combined the collective wisdom of six busy parents to put together an awesome resource that you’re sure to use often.

Introducing Our Latest Ready, Set, Go! Blueprint – The Family Fitness Cookbook

This one-of-a-kind cookbook contains over 40 fast, healthy and delicious recipes that your busy family will love!  With contributions from six busy (and fit) parents, we cover everything from breakfast to dessert and break down exactly how to prepare each easy and nutritious dish, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your meals with your spouse and kids.

And as a member of the Fit Marriage community, we’re making this training plan available to you for FREE inside the growing Ready, Set, Go! Blueprints library!

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  2. […] I’ve gotten to know Dustin a bit through Tony, and I also contributed a few of my recipes to their free eBook, the Ready, Set, Go! Family Fitness Cookbook, which you can find HERE. […]

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