Endurance Live! 2011: The Best Products & Innovations for Busy Fitness Enthusiasts

[Endurance Live 2011 Product Video]

The Endurance LIVE! Consumer Show descended on the San Diego Convention Center recently, bringing with it top endurance athletes as well as the latest and greatest fitness products.

Since I live only 30 minutes away, I figured this was a great opportunity for the kids and I to check out the newest in endurance sport technology.  Boy, were we glad we went!

In addition to the great products featured in the video above, we got to meet Ryan Hall (Olympic marathon runner), Dean Karnazes (Ultra-Distance runner), and Erin Cafaro (Olympic Gold Medal Rower).

Check out some of the awesome new products featured at Endurance LIVE! this year:

Running Skirts

These are great!  I know you’re thinking “Tony, you’re a guy, what do you know about these?”  Well, my wife Alisa has been wearing a workout skirt for years and just loves them.

What makes these different are the styles that you can get.  Also, Alisa made the comment that the pockets would be a bonus for when she is out walking/jogging.  Check out Running Skirts for all of the cool designs and styles they have available.


You don’t need sugar in your sports drink to have an edge over your competition, and you won’t get it when you drink Nuun.  What you will get are four essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

You’ll also get a nice, refreshing flavor to remind you to keep drinking (my favorites are Tri-berry and Citrus) and a bit of fizzy stuff to ensure that it dissolves quickly without having to mix or shake.  I love this!

Trigger Point

I’ve heard of TriggerPoint and I even follow them on Twitter, but it wasn’t until I met Erin at Endurance Live that I got a better understanding of what The Grid can do.  Their Matrix incorporates exclusive Distrodensity Foam Zones to help release tight muscles for your “pre” or “post” workout massage experience.

The Grid can also be used for your home-based core workouts.  There are three levels of workouts with The Grid that will make you stronger and challenge your core.


Go ahead shake your head as much as you want!  Yurbuds don’t fall out.

The Ironman Series Yurbuds are guaranteed not to fall out while you are running, biking, working out, or on the go.  They are custom fit to your ear size, and you place them in your ear and then twist for a quarter of a turn.  That’s it!

They are not coming out, and one unique selling point to these is that you can hear ambient noise.  This is perfect for those of you who want to know what is going on around you when you are out on or near the road.


The world leader when it comes to GPS-enabled activity devices has some great new stuff on the market.  Look no further than Garmin when you want to know all the stats on your next run, triathlon, road or mountain bike ride, or golf outing.  There are a number of products to choose for all levels of athletes.

I’ve been using the Edge 305 cycling computer for many years and won’t leave home without it.  Check out one of my recent rides on the Plus 3 Network.


Has your body taken a beating from years of running?  Do you enjoy the elliptical, but want to get outside?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll want to check out Elliptigo.  This isn’t your ordinary way of exercise.  Using an Elliptigo will challenge you and help you reach your fitness goals…without pounding away on your joints.

Spartan Race

It’s time to break out of cubical nation and go Spartan!  The Spartan Race is about being active, healthy, and pushing yourself to the limits.  You’ll be taken back to a time when folks ran through mud, jumped over fire, navigated through wooded areas, and were faced with physical challenges every day.

Break out of your comfort zone and register for a Spartan Race near you.  I already did. 🙂

What Are Your Favorite Fitness Products of 2011?

I hope you enjoyed hearing about all of these great products and even seeing some of them in action.  If there is a particular product or brand that you’d like us to review in depth or even feature in an episode of The Fit Marriage Show, please let us know in the comments below.

And if you have a particularly awesome product or service that you’d like to promote, please contact us about some great opportunities to have it featured for our fantastic community here on the site and on our iTunes podcast.

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