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NOTE: Don’t miss the full video presentation of Insanity Results for Beginners at the end of this post.  This presentation will also show you how to pick up your free copy of the Intro to training plan!

Whether it was via a late-night infomercial, an enthusiastic friend who completed Insanity and had to share, or my own updates on the Fit Marriage Facebook page, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Insanity with Shaun T.  If not, you can get all the details over at our Team Fit Marriage Beachbody site.

As one of the top home fitness program, Insanity’s combination of intervals and intensity gets results quickly and effectively.  There are literally thousands of success story videos on YouTube, and if you ask around, I’d be willing to bet you know someone who used Insanity with some degree of success.

But it’s that degree of success that’s really important.  Personally, I had a fantastic experience with Insanity and achieved a level of fitness I’ve never had before. I know that you can also have the best experience, and I want to share with you how you can find success with Insanity for your own fitness goals.

The Good & The Bad

My first experience with Insanity was last year after turning 38 years old. I had been bicycling for 7 years and in good shape, but was getting bored and needed a new challenge. I really wanted to transform my body and to take it to the next level before I hit 40.

After I ordered the program, I immediately took pictures (they are not pretty) and the Fit Test. I realized that even after all those years of bicycling I wasn’t that fit. I have a belly in my pictures and my Fit Test numbers weren’t that great.

The first 10 days of Insanity were some of the toughest on me. My feet were in pain from the constant jumping and pounding. My muscles were so sore it hurt to hug or kiss my wife at times. As for getting around as a normal human that wasn’t happening due to the constant pain and stiffness. Once I figured out some key ways to help my feet and muscles I was good to go.

My results after completing Insanity were fantastic! I completed all 63 days before I turned my attention to gaining muscle mass as I began to prepare myself for my first Men’s Physique Competition. Insanity was the catalyst for me to bulk up and strive for a new fitness goal.

Preparation Makes All the Difference!

Insanity emphasizes that it’s an EXTREME home fitness program, and that’s no joke!

If you have been fairly sedentary and you are carrying extra weight around, I would not suggest jumping straight into the full program.  You’ll likely end up overwhelmed, overtrained or even injured.

I highly recommend Insanity to get you fantastic results in all areas of your fitness, quickly and effectively.  It’s an awesome program, and it’s what we recommend as the “next step” for our Thrive90 Fitness graduates.

However, I feel strongly that you need to ensure that your body, mind and schedule are ready to take it on for a 63-day period.

Introducing the 30-Day Intro to Insanity

If you’re interested in completing Insanity, but you don’t feel like you’re quite ready, I have some great news for you.  I’ve spent the last several weeks working through a program that will prepare you for ultimate success with Insanity, and I’m calling it Intro to Insanity.

This is a 30-day training plan that adapts the actual Insanity DVD workouts, allowing you to start slow and build up to the point that you are ready to Freakin Do It with the full program just 30 days later.  In fact, the first week requires no DVDs at all, so you can order Insanity, get started while you wait on it to ship to your home and then hit the second week in stride as we introduce the first DVD-based workouts.

Intro to Insanity is set up so that you never work out for more than 30 minutes. My goal is to get your body and mind ready for the intensity of Insanity in 30 days.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve been considering Insanity or you’ve done it in the past with less than stellar results, I want to help you.  There’s much more to the Intro to Insanity plan than I can share in a single blog post, so I want to invite you to watch the video below. This is a replay of a webinar presentation I hosted recently, and the feedback has been awesome!

There is nothing for sale as part of this presentation, and I actually show you how you can get the full Intro program for free.  I just want to share everything I’ve learned to help generate some new success stories for our growing Team Fit Marriage Beachbody team.  Plus, I LOVE doing webinars and interacting with other passionate, busy folks!

When you watch the video, here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • A detailed overview of exactly what’s included in the full Insanity fitness and nutrition program
  • Specific recommendations of the best equipment for your ultimate success with Insanity
  • How you can save 10-25% off your P90X purchase
  • The #1 thing you should do nutritionally to feel fantastic and start losing fat today…and to sustain your energy for the demands of Insanity
  • How you can have Tony and Dustin as your personal Beachbody coaches for free
  • Exactly how to prepare your body and mind over the next 30 days to ensure your success with Insanity
  • A step-by-step Intro fitness plan to start getting results today in less than 30 minutes per day a few times per week as you increase your fitness gradually in preparation for starting Insanity

Let’s get ready (the right way) to Freakin Do It!

(if you can’t see the video, please click this link to view Intro to Insanity on You Tube)


  1. Michelle says:

    Hi 🙂 new to the world of insanity! I’ve lost 12lbs over the last ten months, have been going to the gym 2-3 tones a week, I’m now 5’4, 142lbs, started the fit test yesterday, omg! Finished it but didn’t count my reps. Yes I’m very sore today but I’m also up 2lbs!!!!!! 🙁 to come clean, I’m not eating great but I haven’t been for a while but I’m maintaining. I want to get down to my target of 130-133 so thought I’d up the game with insanity. Are those 2lbs normal with the soreness and is the fit test tougher than some if the other discs, will I repeat the fit test a couple of times or just once to get my count and carry on? Great that there’s somebody to ask who understands 🙂 thank you! Michelle


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