Emotional Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Emotional Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Shocking fact: approximately 35% of adults in the United States are considered obese! That’s not only a staggering statistic; it’s frightening. Not only does it cost the U.S. an outrageous amount of money every year, but even worse, obesity can lead to countless diseases and health problems, many of which we are unaware. A simple step that almost everyone can take towards reducing the severity of this statistic is exercise.

Many people say that exercise doesn’t fit into their schedule. Some individuals have other problems that impede their ability to exercise, or they lack the motivation. Because of the innumerable health benefits that physical activity provides as well as the future problems that it can prevent, it’s crucial that everyone make it a part of their daily routine. It can be quite beneficial to work out with a partner, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or colleague. The emotional benefits of working out with a partner have proven to be motivating. A partner also introduces healthy competition, and often results in individuals sticking with daily exercise for the long haul.

The buddy system is an infallible way to increase your chances of sticking with exercise for the long-term. The need for interpersonal connections is primal, which makes partner workouts more than ideal. Here are a few reasons how exercising with a partner will change your workout routine and life for the better.

Emotional Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Increased Motivation

Plenty of adults head to the gym after work, but it’s so easy to lose that motivation at the end of a long work day. If you make plans with a friend to meet at the gym, you’ll be less likely to cancel, especially if you need to hold up your end of the deal in order to make the workout happen. Don’t be that friend that bails on workouts. Chances are, you’re more likely to keep workout plans with a friend at the end of the day than you are for a solo workout over your lunch break. Additionally, it’s not just about getting to the gym to exercise, but what you do when you finally make it there. A partner will push you to work harder and provide positive feedback.

Increased Relaxation

Have you ever noticed that you sleep better at night after spending some time at the gym or being active earlier in the day? Exercise can provide the same effect as a sleeping pill, and can be especially beneficial for individuals with insomnia. The ideal time to workout is 5 to 6 hours before bedtime. Moving around causes your core temperature to rise and when it returns to resting levels about 5 to 6 hours later, it will signal your body that it’s time to snooze.

Allay Anxiety

Which is more effective at alleviating anxiety – a warm bubble bath or a 15 minute jog? You might be surprised to find out that a little bit of exercise might do you more good in this case. During and after exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which give you more self-confidence, an improved mood, and increased productivity levels. Some people describe this post-exercise feeling as “euphoric” or a “runner’s high.” These endorphins lessen anxiety and help to decrease depression symptoms. Heading to the track or treadmill for a moderate-to-high intensity workout can actually decrease anxiety sensitivity. Intervals, anyone? Well that sounds dreadful to attempt on your own. Grab a buddy and head to the gym, track or even your back yard.


Tough day on the job? Go outside for a walk with a friend or workout at home with your partner. One of the main reasons that people exercise, besides weight loss, is to reduce stress. Working up a sweat increases concentrations of a chemical known as norepinephrine, which is able to moderate the brain’s reaction to stress. Sweat off those calories and get rid of the mental tension that’s been building up all day long! Whether you workout at home or head to the gym with a friend, you’ll definitely decrease your stress.

Improved Self-Confidence

Not only will working out with a partner help motivation levels, but it also will increase your self-confidence. Because of chemicals that are released, exercise can lead to having a more positive view of your body and can boost self-esteem. Also, working out with a partner means they’ll be encouraging you and boosting your self-image. Regardless of a person’s race, gender, or weight, exercise will improve feelings of self-worth, and who doesn’t desire that?

Emotional Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Exercise is extremely important in one’s daily activities. We can’t emphasize how influential physical activity can be in improving the emotional, mental, physical, and social health of an individual. Working out with a partner can have unbelievable benefits, especially if it means you get to see a friend, family member, or your spouse more often. Can’t get to the gym? Order a workout program or do an online program with a buddy, and you’ll be experiencing great benefits in no time!

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