TFMS 031 – Gold Medal Bodies Focusing in on Strength & Skill Building so YOU Can Have “Real Strength”

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Andy Fossett, Ryan Hurst and Jarlo Ilano from Gold Medal Bodies!

These three guys and their posse are on a mission to help you transform your life in an unconventional way. Their approach to fitness is exciting as it challenges you and your entire family to have fun in a way that will help you gain “real strength”.

TFMS 030 – Rob and Kim Murgatroyd on How to Be a Jet Setter with a 6 Pack!

Rob and Kim are an amazing couple with incredible stories to share about what they call the Jet Set Life.

They travel the world and experience the best foods, drinks and good times that they can find. Yet, they also raise a happy 13-year-old daughter and maintain (literally) fitness model bodies while enjoying life to the fullest.

How do they do it?

Tune in to let Rob and Kim share their story and their secrets to fitness success in this high-energy episode!

TFMS 029 – Smart Meal Planning with E-Mealz Co-Founder Jenny Cochran

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Jenny Cochran – E-Mealz co-founder, wife, Mom and great guest. Don’t miss this episode to learn how meal planning will make you healthier, save you money and enhance your family life! And don’t miss the giveaway and discount inside…

TFMS 028 – Career Renegade Jonathan Fields on Finding Your Healthy Balance

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Jonathan Fields – husband, Dad, author, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast and career expert.

After “having it all” as a Wall Street attorney, he quit his corporate life and started a yoga studio on 9/11 that eventually become one of the most successful in the nation.

Today, Jonathan helps other find their right path and achieve a healthy balance between career, family and life.

TFMS 027 – Matt Frazier on Going from 5K Runner to Half Marathon Master

Half Marathon training expert Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete drills down into what it really takes to go from a casual 5K finisher to a happy and successful half marathon runner.

From the major training steps to the biggest mistakes you need to avoid in your training, this interview will help you get to 13.1 miles.

TFMS 026 – J.D. Roth on Getting Fit Slowly & Getting Strong with Crossfit

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly and Awesome People.

Although J.D. is a top blogger and an accomplished personal finance author, our interview focused on his remarkable fitness transformation over the last year.

Using a combination of Crossfit, Yoga and an all-around more movement-oriented lifestyle, he has lost over 45 pounds while increasing his lean muscle mass and strength considerably.

TFMS 024 – Engineer Turned Personal Trainer Joe Constantine Brings His A-Game to Those Looking to Reach Their Fitness Goals

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Joe Constantine, National Personal Training Institute Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Coach and founder of Constant Motion Fitness in San Diego, CA.

Joe’s goal is to help each individual that comes to him reach their specific fitness goals. This interview is jam-packed with practical examples, tips and advice from one of the best personal trainers around.

TFMS 023 – Endurance Athlete & Fat Loss Coach Ben Greenfield & Wife Jessa Share How to Make Fitness Happen When You’re Super Busy

Ben & Jessa Greenfield with have been married for 8 years.

They are the parents of twin boys, manage numerous offline and online businesses, and attend lots of family activities, races, endurance events and more, yet these two get it done. In this interview, they share tips and insights about they make it happen and how you can, too.

TFMS 022 – Yoga Expert & Author Leslie Kaminoff on the Benefits of Yoga in Your Busy Life

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Yoga Expert Leslie Kaminoff. As someone who has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, Leslie has a lot to share with us busy, married folks.

TFMS 021: Fitness in the Workplace with Greg Justice

The Fit Marriage Show welcomes Greg Justice, corporate wellness expert and long-time owner of AYC Health and Fitness. As someone who has trained more than 45,000 people in his career, Greg shares a wealth of information for those balancing their career with their fitness pursuits.