Blueprint to Success – Insanity Results You Can Achieve

NOTE: Don’t miss the full video presentation of Insanity Results for Beginners at the end of this post.  This presentation will also show you how to pick up your free copy of the Intro to training plan! Whether it was via a late-night infomercial, an enthusiastic friend who completed Insanity and had to share, or […]

Intro to Insanity Webinar

Are You Ready to Dig Deep with Insanity & Do It the Right Way? Insanity is a great fitness program that gets insane results.  However, if you want to succeed, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally to Dig Deep for 63 days of madness. Fortunately for you, we’ve been where you are and […]

At Home Workouts: 20-Minute, No-Equipment Exercises that Work!

When it comes to staying fit, at home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts. And they take much less time! All you basically need is a mat, a proven exercise plan that you can easily stick to, as well as patience and determination to follow the program. Here are some ideas for […]

What Every Fitness Training Program Should Have

Every fitness training program should incorporate the 5 basic elements of exercise routines to ensure a well-balanced and effective training regimen. 1. Aerobic Fitness Aerobic fitness exercise, sometimes refer to endurance or cardio activity, serves as the cornerstone of almost all fitness training programs. Aerobic exercises cause faster and deeper breathing, maximizing the oxygen level in your […]

Exercises for Couples

The best way to stay fit and healthy is by having a fitness regime – proper diet, enough rest, and regular exercise. Sticking with a routine that suits your daily or weekly schedule is good. But it is more fun and much more enjoyable if you exercise with your partner. You get to spend quality time together […]

Easy and Fun Couple Workouts

Working out with your partner can be a means of connecting with him or her physically and emotionally. The best couple workout will not only offer you a healthy, fit body it will also help you have a deep, harmonious relationship with your partner. In fact, it is a fun and healthy way to spice […]

Top 5 Core Workout Equipment Pieces for Your Home Exercise Program

“What core workout equipment do I need to get my own six-pack at home?”

This is a common question from busy parents as they want to be able to keep up with their kids, look awesome for their spouse and enjoy many other activities.

Your “At Home Workouts” Guide to Nutrition

While I was driving home today, a good friend of mine called me to chat about his at-home workouts and how to maximize the effectiveness of his nutrition. We talked in-depth about how to nourish the body before, during and after exercise when you’re working out at home. Here’s what you need to know!

The Busy Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep

“I just need a good night of sleep!” These words have been spoken many, many times in my house over the years. Whether it’s staying out late in our early years of marriage, being up all hours of the night attending to our young kids, or dealing with stress from one of many areas of […]

12 Days of Christmas Workout

This time of year is intended to be full of joy and happiness, right?

Unfortunately, the holiday season can instead leave many of us feeling stressed out, tired and a bit like saying “bah-humbug” when we think about our health. Our schedules are packed, it seems like it’s always dark outside, and it can seem downright impossible to avoid sugary treats – which taste great but leave us in a low-blood-sugar slumber.

So, what’s the cure for holiday season malaise? Get moving with our 12 Days of Christmas Workout!