5 Ways to Get Fit & Healthy In 30-Minutes or Less

Make 2014 the year that you finally meet your health & fitness goals with this great collection of digital resources. With tips for healthy eating without the stress, exercise routines for your busy schedule, and more, this bundle will help you get fit in 2014! This week only, you’ll get all 5 resources for almost […]

How a Workout Can Strengthen Your Marriage

I love to workout, I love my partner but I don’t love to work out with my partner. Does this seem familiar to you? Often for men and women, our bodies will be very different, our motivations will be very different, and our abilities will be very different – but despite our differences we want […]

Eat Real Food That Will Strengthen You and Your Family

Would you rather eat a bland frozen TV dinner or eat fresh grilled chicken seasoned with your favorite spices, sauteed veggies, and finish it up with a bowl of fruit? If you are thinking that the latter one takes to much time and effort we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t. Introducing more […]

Easy Crock Pot Chili – Healthy & Simple Dinner for the Entire Family

Crock pot recipes are always a hit. This beef & bean chili recipe is a great way to prepare chili in a crock pot. It’s also super for tailgating or a potluck.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

This time of year is intended to be full of joy and happiness, right?

Unfortunately, the holiday season can instead leave many of us feeling stressed out, tired and a bit like saying “bah-humbug” when we think about our health. Our schedules are packed, it seems like it’s always dark outside, and it can seem downright impossible to avoid sugary treats – which taste great but leave us in a low-blood-sugar slumber.

So, what’s the cure for holiday season malaise? Get moving with our 12 Days of Christmas Workout!

How Couples Can Get In Shape On A Budget

Dropping pounds does not require you to have a lot of fancy exercise equipment or a membership at an expensive gym. The key to losing weight and improving your personal health lies in simply implementing better life habits. For couples who intend to fight this battle together, there’s the additional benefit of having a constant […]

15 Ways You And Your Spouse Can Get Motivated To Exercise

The best part about being in a truly loving and committed relationship is knowing that you will never be alone. Your partner will always be there, supporting you and loving you even when your waistline expands and your largest pair of underwear no longer fit. The downside, however, is obvious. Where there is too much […]

5 Reasons You’re Wasting Your Time On Slow Cardio

Are you and your spouse still stuck doing long duration, low-intensity cardio exercise? Now that’s fine when making love to each other, but not when it comes to your workouts. We hear it time and time again that many of you are busy and lack motivation to exercise. Well, the long, slow cardio isn’t the […]

3 Easy Ways for Busy Couples to Find Time to Workout

Many years ago, before I got married and had kids, I can remember when I would stroll to the gym, workout for an hour or two, play some basketball, and then hangout with my friends afterwards. Working out was simple and easy. The biggest factor for me was that I simply needed to get up […]

4 Fat Burning Workouts to Help You Get In Shape

Getting rid of those excess pounds can seem really tedious. There may even be times when you feel that shedding off that spare tire is downright impossible. However, with the help of good fat burning workouts, coupled with a lot of patience and determination, those extra bulges can be eliminated. Following are 5 of the […]