Emotional Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

Shocking fact: approximately 35% of adults in the United States are considered obese! That’s not only a staggering statistic; it’s frightening. Not only does it cost the U.S. an outrageous amount of money every year, but even worse, obesity can lead to countless diseases and health problems, many of which we are unaware. A simple […]

Why ours is Among the Best Online Home Workout Programs

Virtually every part of society, including the fitness world, has taken advantage of the convenience of technology. Rather than trying to figure out a workout plan, build muscle, and develop overall well-being on your own, there are endless online resources available to lead you. With technology, improving your lifestyle becomes a bit easier. It still […]

Achieve Physical Fitness and Marital Bliss with Thrive 90 Fitness

Do you find yourself attempting to juggle the multiple demands of daily family life while also spending quality time alone with your spouse? What about adhering to those well-intentioned resolutions to get fit in the new year? Although many of us strive to make these worthy goals a priority, in practice it can often seem […]

Components of a Healthy, Sexy Marriage

With marriage rates in the United States steadily declining, the number of people married today is at an all-time low. Though some people may think that this is proof of an actual decline in marriage rates, it may just be that Gen Xers and Millennials are waiting until later in life to get married. It’s […]

At Home Workout Plans for Couples: Stay Fit & Stay Close

At Home Workout Plans for Couples With the New Year coming up, you and your partner may want to consider making a resolution to begin exercising daily, exercising more, or spending more quality time together. Working out as a couple could help you achieve all of these goals. Couples’ training can offer a variety of […]

Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted with the Total Body at Home Workout!

If you find yourself skipping your gym visits when you get busy, or when the weather turns nasty, try relying on a low-impact total body at home workout instead. This simple, challenging routine doesn’t require any equipment or large amounts of floor space, and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. We’ve combined range of […]

Getting in Shape with the Insanity Fit Test

Disclaimer: The Insanity fitness program is intended for individuals who have the muscle mass, fitness, and agility required to perform high-intensity moves. Please consult with your physician before attempting the Insanity Fit Test. If you’re married, you already know how tough it is when you have to spend time apart to achieve your fitness goals. […]

Why Working Out at Home vs the Gym Might be Right for You

Your mental images of working out are most likely set at the gym or out on the trail. However, with a set of free weights and careful attention to form, your home can be the perfect place for you to get stronger, leaner, and healthier. For married couples, working out at home offers benefits that […]

The Benefits of Working out as a Couple

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make a body feel and perform better, it’s got to be exercise. Whether you’re someone who has a long-standing fitness regimen, or someone who is trying to find the courage to stand up from the couch, there’s a good chance you’ve been overlooking a major asset to your […]

At Home Workout Videos For Couples

A happy and fulfilled marriage doesn’t just come naturally; it requires dedicated effort from both partners consistently throughout the years of the union. There are natural ups and downs to be expected as changes happen; children enter the equation and schedules get busier, but couples who are committed can take the right steps to keep […]