Meet Tony

Hey everyone, Tony DiLorenzo here.

I’m about to celebrate 14 years of marriage with my beautiful, intelligent, and loving wife, Alisa.  You may recognize Alisa from our site and podcast over at ONE Extraordinary Marriage where we focus on marriage and intimacy.

For many of our years together, I’ve been active in endurance activities and fitness.  There is something about being fit and the associated intimacy I have with Alisa that has helped us through the good and bad times.  We are blessed with two wonderful kids, Alex and Abby, who also join us in our fitness activities from riding our bikes to spending time doing yoga.

We are a simple family.  We enjoy hanging out playing board games, reading and enjoying the Southern California beaches.  Serving in our community is also a big part of our family, and we love to spend time donating household items to the local rescue mission, working on trails, helping with food packing projects, and giving blood.

My Athletic Accomplishments

– Team Beachbody Coach
– Level 3 USA Cycling Coach
– Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 138 days
– Stagecoach Century Team Time Trial Record Holder – Open Men 40+
– Completed 10 Double Centuries (200 miles cycling in one day)
– Completed the Whitney Classic, a hardcore endurance event
– Finished the Baldy Peak 50k Ultra-Marathon
– Graduated from the Spokane Mountaineers Mountain School
– Summited Mt. Athabasca in Alberta, Canada
– And much more!

The one constant through all of these accomplishments has been strategic, time-sensitive workouts that allow me to trim fat, lose weight and build muscle in a short amount of time.  I’ve used this strategy with great success over the last 3 years when I did 3 double centuries each year.  The benefits of doing these exercises helped me ride my fastest double century ever in 10 hours 48 minutes.

I look forward to sharing my experience and unique fitness expertise with you to help you achieve your goals.