Meet Dustin

I’m Dustin Riechmann, and I’m thrilled that you are joining us here at Fit Marriage!

I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart Bethany for more than 11 years, and we have three awesome young kids that keep us busier than we could have ever imagined.  I wouldn’t trade my crazy life for anything, and I share my best stories and advice on married life over at Engaged Marriage.

Fit Family

Me with two of my future cyclists

I have been a passionate student of fitness and nutrition since my early teenage years when I was a huge fan of natural bodybuilding.  While I was never on a path to competitive bodybuilding, I did use the knowledge gained to add muscle to my super-skinny frame and compete in high school sports.  When I moved away to college, my skinny past was left behind for good.

After gaining my Freshman Forty, I recommitted myself to fitness and enjoyed the benefits of being in great shape until the early years of our marriage.  Along the way, I designed workout programs for numerous friends, co-workers and family members with great success.  I had serious thoughts of pursuing a career in personal training despite my success as a professional engineer.

The next chapter in my health may sound familiar to many of you.  As life became busier with the demands of a new marriage and career, I let my exercise habits fall out of my schedule.  A few years later, I welcomed our first son into my life at an all-time high in terms of weight.

Strong Man

Strength Training has its benefits!

I lost some weight, regained it, lost some more and regained it once again.  I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, increase my energy and reclaim a fit lifestyle, but I was simply not making it a priority in my busy life.

Along the way, I achieved some notable fitness accomplishments including riding a Century (100 miles) on my bike and getting back to my high school football weight on one occasion.

However, I noticed that each time I set out to reach these worthy goals, it was requiring a great deal of my time and energy for training.  The efforts were not sustainable, and I would burn out and fall back into my yo-yo weight/health cycle on a regular basis.

Enter Fit Marriage

That cycle was finally broken when I got to know Tony through our respective work in the marriage ministry.  I was in the middle of another round of an ultra-intense fitness program called P90X, and I was totally worn out from working out more than an hour every single day while trying to keep up with the demands of my “real life” as well.

I explained that it was effecting my marriage because I was so tired, yet I wanted to shed my extra pounds so I’d be at my best for my wife and kids.  I knew I needed to find balance, and as Tony and I compared our backgrounds and experiences with fitness, we knew we had to get together to develop a new approach to fitness that met the needs of busy couples.

That was the birth of Fit Marriage, and I am now an example of the phenomenal success that can be achieved when you follow the training principles found on this site.  I am fit, I am full of energy and I have training programs that I can complete with my wife in a way that we can sustain during even the craziest of weeks.

I am at a new peak of wellness in both my physical health and in my marriage and family life.

I can’t wait to help you achieve the same…you deserve it!